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  • Podcast Ep. 1066

    A Disastrous Night for the Democrats
    Sep 13th, 2019

    Trump’s Odds of Victory in 2020 Increased After the Third Democrat Debate

    The third Democratic debate took place last Thursday, and in the betting markets, Trump’s odds of winning the 2020 election have only increased…

    Rep. Nadler’s Calls for Impeachment Are Worse Than Pointless

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler confirmed in August that his panel is conducting formal impeachment proceedings against President…

    Harvard Received $9M in Donations from Epstein, Only Giving “Unspent” $180,000 to Victims of Human Trafficking

    Harvard University admits it received a whopping $9 Million in contributions from sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The Massachusetts Institute of…

    Pence Says Casting Tie-Breaking Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood Was Greatest Honor

    Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a 40th anniversary gala for Concerned Women for America (CWA) last night at the Trump International Hotel in D.C….

    Dem Debate: What Country Was Everyone Running For? It Certainly Was NOT The United States of America

    Did Americans watch the Democratic debate last night and think the group of ten people on stage were running for President of pretty much any country…

    Gotta See it to Believe it: Clinton Reads her Leaked Emails as Part of Venice Art Exhibit

    A vision circulating the internet appeared to be a hoax, but in fact actually happened. Artist Kenneth Goldsmith tweeted photographs with the…

    Ep. 1065 A Huge Victory for the Trump Team

    In this episode, I address the resounding legal victory yesterday for the Trump administration. I also address the stunning court filing in the Mike…

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    Bongino to Ingraham: “Everything Obama Promised, Trump Has Produced”

    In discussing the GOP’s win in the special election in North Carolina earlier this week on Fox News with Laura Ingraham last night, Dan Bongino…

    VIDEO: Stark Reminder We are Still at War; Death to America Billboards Plaster Iraq

    As the United States grieves on another anniversary of the terror attacks of 9/11, politicians and analysts discuss whether or not we are safer than…

    Condoleezza Rice Brilliantly Shuts Down Savannah Guthrie When Asked if Russia Elected Trump

    With her standard poise and grace, Former Secretary of State under George W. Bush shut down an NBC anchor brilliantly. While on a media tour…

    BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Trump Asylum Restrictions

    The Supreme Court of the United States has just ruled in favor of the Trump administration’s “rules that bar migrants from seeking asylum in the U.S….

    Self-Dealing in Scotland – The Media Makes a Flimsy Case Against Trump

    In the three years since President Donald Trump declared his candidacy for President in 2015, his net worth (as estimated by Forbes Magazine) has…


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