Ep. 1316 Is Trump Setting a Trap for the Democrats?
    In this episode, I address the big trap Trump is setting for the Democrats. I also address the real reason this Spygate co-conspirator is panicking.
    Seattle City Council Votes for Measures That Will Lay Off 100 Police Officers
    Sad that all they seem to always put their own ideology above all else.
    Clay Travis: It’s Bad Business for NBA Players to Say They Don’t Care if Trump Tunes Out
    Until they stop turning off their fanbase and stop kneeling for the anthem that should unite us all, these sports leagues are unlikely to listen to this obvious advice, and business will suffer.
    Largest Newspaper in Minnesota Endorses Ilhan Omar’s Primary Challenger
    Even though Melton-Meaux is still on the Left, we could use less anti-Semitism and corruption in D.C.
    VP Pence Slams Chief Justice Roberts, Calls Him a “Disappointment to Conservatives”
    The Supreme Court will be on the ballot, just like it was in 2016.