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  • Podcast Ep. 1181

    The Media Fell Right Into the Trap
    Feb 14th, 2020

    AOC: Illegal Immigrants Pay Taxes Too!

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to twitter (where else?) to blast the company she prevented from bringing 25,000 jobs to her city while praising…

    Watch: Touching Moment Rush Gets Emotional After Caller Offers to Donate A Lung

    Talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh got emotional on Wednesday after he learned a caller wanted to donate his lung to the famed host.

    Limbaugh, who…

    Report: DNC “Intimately Involved” in Development of Botched Iowa Caucuses App

    Documents reveal that the DNC was intimately involved in the development of the botched voting app used recently during the Iowa caucuses, according…

    Majority of Americans Give Trump Credit for Booming Economy, Say They are Better Off

    Despite Democrats’ desperate attempts to credit President Obama for the booming economy, a new poll shows many Americans know that the economic…

    As Sanders Rises, Democrats Panic About Losing House Majority

    Republicans are working on their strategy to retake the house in November, which will focus on zeroing in on districts carried by President Trump in…

    Driver’s Licenses for Illegals Now Coming to Virginia

    The assault on sanity continues in Virginia’s newly 100% Democrat controlled state government.

    While they’re still working overtime to restrict…

    Ep. 1180 Does Justice Even Exist Anymore?

    In this episode, I address the disturbing connections between the players in the outrageous Roger Stone prosecution and the Spygate scandal. I also…

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    Report: U.S. Leading the WORLD in CO2 Emissions Reductions

    Well, here’s an interesting fact the tree-hugging, private jet-flying, hypocritical Hollywood elites and liberal politicians won’t…

    Roger Stone Juror Wrote Anti-Trump Social Media Posts and Ran for Congress as Dem

    The woman who revealed herself to be the jury foreperson for the Roger Stone case ran a failed congressional campaign as a Democrat and repeatedly…

    Joe Biden Loses Frontrunner Status to Bernie Sanders

    It was simply the establishment media’s consensus that Joe Biden would be the 2020 Democrat nominee. While the party has marched further and further…

    Poll Finds Majority of GOP Voters Disapprove of Benedict Romney, Many Want him Expelled from Party

    Unsurprisingly, after his pathetic, attention-grabbing stunt to vote to impeach President Trump, a majority of Republican voters disapprove of Sen….

    Ep. 1179 A National Nightmare Last Night

    In this episode, I address the national nightmare emerging after the New Hampshire primary last night. I also address the latest turn of events in…

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