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  • EP 1164

    Adam Schiff Gets Busted Again!
    Jan 22nd, 2020

    Rand Paul Invites Trump to Senate to Watch “Partisan Charade”

    It’s day two of the Senate trial, and if you haven’t had the chance to catch any of it, you aren’t missing much.

    The trial kicked off yesterday to…

    Under the Radar: VA Is Proposing Some Crazy Non-Gun Control Laws Too

    Virginia has been dominating the headlines for the unprecedented gun control legislation their newly Democrat controlled General Assembly is…

    WATCH: WH Counsel Absolutely Destroys Democrats’ Impeachment Argument

    White House Counsel Pat Cippollone torpedoed Democrats’ own argument about their sham efforts to impeach President Trump.

    While speaking on the…

    Biden Bombshell: New Book Highlights How Biden’s Brother’s Firm Received Over $1.5 Billion in Govt Contracts

    A new book from famed Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer addresses how a firm employing Joe Biden’s younger brother received more than $1.5 billion…

    VA Legislators Pass New Gun Control Day After 2A Rally

    Before yesterday’s rally for the Second Amendment in Virginia even began, Virginia Democrats were smearing it as a dangerous “racist” rally. We were…

    Gallup: Trump Approval Hits Record High as Senate Trial Begins

    The Senate trial begins today, and President Donald Trump’s average approval rating by quarter hit its highest level on record in the Gallup poll….

    Ep. 1163 Troubling Video Emerges from this Democrats’ Campaign

    In this episode, I address the shocking video emerging from this prominent Democrats’ presidential campaign. I also address the latest on the probe…

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    AOC to Billionaires: “You Sat on a Couch while Thousands of People were Paid Modern Day Slave Wages”

    Socialist congresswoman and “squad” member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at successful business owners yesterday, claiming they pay slave…

    Serial Liar Elizabeth Warren Wonders How Americans Could Vote for a Liar

    Democratic presidential contender and known liar Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) can’t fathom how Americans could possibly vote for a candidate who is…

    Hillary Clinton Says Nobody Likes Bernie Sanders

    As the 2020 presidential election approaches us, Hillary Clinton is out of the woods once again.

    While most of her criticism of Donald Trump seems…

    Trump Announces Congressional Members of his Impeachment Team

    The White House has announced the members of President Trump’s congressional impeachment team who will work to fight back against the Democrats’ sham…

    ICE Turns Up the Heat on NYC: This Is a Demand, Not a Request

    ICE is attempting to ramp up enforcement in New York City as the city lets criminals go free left and right.

    NYC has been refusing to honor ICE…


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