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  • Podcast Ep. 1089

    Another Debate Disaster for the Democrats
    Oct 16th, 2019

    BREAKING: Pelosi Will Not Hold Vote on Impeachment, Circles Back to…Putin?

    Pelosi and the Democrats have highly enjoyed throwing around subpoenas, holding hearings, and making up false recollections of what happened on…

    Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Applauds Mexico for ‘Acting as True Partners’

    Mark Morgan, the acting Commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) is laudatory over the Mexican government’s actions and…

    Hunter Biden’s Bomb: ‘A Lot of Things Wouldn’t Have Happened If My Last Name Wasn’t Biden’

    Where’s Hunter? After releasing a statement through his lawyer over the weekend announcing he was resigning from the Chinese backed Investment Firm,…

    Actual Whistleblower Releases CNN Videos Admitting Trump Bias, ‘Media Created’ Mess

    Don’t let the “whistleblowers” of the Ukraine call undermine the meaning and potential good that actual whistleblowers can bring to the public. A…

    Delusional Kamala Says Impeachment Should be Quick Because We ‘Have a Confession’

    Recent remarks by presidential hopeful Kamala Harris display the exact delusion that Democrats refuse to part from. While accepting questions in…

    Ep. 1088 They Can’t Hide This Forever

    In this episode, I address the exploding “whistleblower” scandal and indications that he/she may be involved in a massive coverup. I also address…

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    BREAKING: Trump Says U.S. Troops to Remain in Syria to Prevent ISIS Revival

    President Donald Trump, in a written statement, has just announced his authorization of economic sanctions on Turkey and that the “roughly 1,000 U.S….

    Fusion GPS to Release Book: Defends Steele Dossier, ‘Time to Explain Our Work in Our Own Words’

    Former Wall Street Journal journalists, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, who founded the Intelligence firm Fusion GPS are set to release a book from…

    Joe Biden Calls Trump Liar as Hunter Finally Breaks Silence, Resigns from Chinese Backed Equity Fund

    Hunter Biden is breaking his silence with his first interview…on Good Morning America of all places. The interview will air tomorrow morning and…

    Ep. 1087 Adam Schiff Gets Busted Again

    In this episode, I address the total collapse of the false “whistleblower” narrative along with some devastating new information about the…

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    Trump’s Brilliant Plan? Bipartisan Support behind President to Drop ‘Sanctions Hammer’ on Turkey

    Despite bipartisan backlash of President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria, he has always maintained that if Turkey takes any actions…

    Families of Islamic State Fighters Escape from Syrian Camp, What Happens Next?

    One of the main concerns immediately after President Trump announced he was pulling the final U.S. troops out of Syria was what would happen with the…


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