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  • Podcast Ep. 1025

    Why Are The Media Ignoring this Bombshell?
    Jul 18th, 2019

    Ep. 1026 The Media Panic & Coverup Continues

    In this episode I address the exploding Ilhan Omar scandal and the media’s desperate efforts to cover it up. I also address stunning hypocrisy by…

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    No Surprise: Poll Shows the Top 14 Governors are ALL Republicans

    A new Morning Consult poll released yesterday found that the top 14 governors were all Republicans.

    The poll also revealed that all but three of…

    Dems SLAM Omar’s Resolution Defending Boycott of Israel: “An Effort to Delegitimize Israel”

    House Democrats are voicing their outrage over Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s  (D-MN) resolution to defend the boycotting of Israel, calling it an…

    WATCH: Students Cry Racism Over Immigration Quote, Then Realize it’s Obama’s

    Students at Georgetown University were outraged over a quote about tough immigration enforcement and the policy of deporting criminal illegal aliens…

    NEW Emails Reveal Obama State Dept. Officials Tied to Dossier Set Meeting on “Russian Matter”

    Newly released emails by Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller reveal that Obama State Department officials who had ties to the infamous anti-Trump…

    POLL: ICE Far More Popular than AOC and “Squad”

    A new Economist/YouGov survey has found that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has a much higher favorability rating than the radical…

    Berkeley to Ban “Gendered” Words from City Code, “Manhole” Now “Maintenance Hole”

    The city of Berkeley, California is removing any “gendered” words from its city code in order to be more “inclusive.”

    NBC News reports that words…

    Report: Dems Admit AOC “Squad” Harmful to Party, Trump Winning Fight

    CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that some House Democrats are completely fed up with Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN),…

    Breaking: Trump Says USS Boxer Destroyed Iranian Drone After Ignoring Stand Down

    President Trump announced today that the USS Boxer has destroyed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz after it came within 1,000 yards of the…

    Ep. 1025 Why Are The Media Ignoring this Bombshell?


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    In this episode I address the explosive scandal…

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    Omar Proposes Resolution Supporting Right to Boycott Israel

    Congresswoman Ilhan Omar–known for her anti-Semitic rhetoric–has introduced a resolution to support the right to boycott Israel.

    Fox News…

    New Poll: Trump Approval Up 4 Points This Week

    The latest Rasmussen Reports daily presidential tracking poll shows President Trump’s approval rating ticking up 4 points this week.

    His approval…


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