Today's Podcast

    Ep. 1439 Dark Days Ahead
    In this episode, I warn America about the dark days ahead. We need to have open eyes to the pending threats to liberty and freedom. I finish the show on an optimistic note about the possibilities for fixing this disaster.
    Ep. 1438 You’ll Be Shocked to Hear About the Left’s New Agenda
    In this episode, I discuss the totalitarian Democrat’s push for book burning, a secret police force, and “re-education” facilities for Trump supporters. Sadly, this is not a joke.
    Honduran Migrant En Route To America Says That Biden Is "Going To Help All Of Us"
    Illegals are coming by the thousands for "Amnesty Joe"
    Ep. 1437 The Dangers of Mass Censorship are Growing
    In this episode, I discuss the troubling new video of liberal tyrants and media totalitarians openly calling for a surveillance-style police state.
    Joe Biden Plans to Cancel Keystone XL Pipeline Permit on Day One
    Jobs, billions in taxes and cheaper gas thrown away to make environmental wackos happy