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  • EP 1163

    Troubling Video Emerges from this Democrats’ Campaign
    Jan 21st, 2020

    Gallup: Trump Approval Hits Record High as Senate Trial Begins

    The Senate trial begins today, and President Donald Trump’s average approval rating by quarter hit its highest level on record in the Gallup poll….

    AOC to Billionaires: “You Sat on a Couch while Thousands of People were Paid Modern Day Slave Wages”

    Socialist congresswoman and “squad” member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at successful business owners yesterday, claiming they pay slave…

    Serial Liar Elizabeth Warren Wonders How Americans Could Vote for a Liar

    Democratic presidential contender and known liar Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) can’t fathom how Americans could possibly vote for a candidate who is…

    Hillary Clinton Says Nobody Likes Bernie Sanders

    As the 2020 presidential election approaches us, Hillary Clinton is out of the woods once again.

    While most of her criticism of Donald Trump seems…

    Trump Announces Congressional Members of his Impeachment Team

    The White House has announced the members of President Trump’s congressional impeachment team who will work to fight back against the Democrats’ sham…

    ICE Turns Up the Heat on NYC: This Is a Demand, Not a Request

    ICE is attempting to ramp up enforcement in New York City as the city lets criminals go free left and right.

    NYC has been refusing to honor ICE…

    Report: Trump Administration to Tackle Birth Tourism

    The Trump Administration will announce a new State Department policy meant to curb birth tourism in the U.S., according to reports.

    The change,…

    Media Called Witnesses a “Distraction” and “Sham” During Clinton Impeachment

    The Senate trail commences shortly – and we all know exactly how it’s going to end. The likelihood that the Senate will vote to remove President…

    Ep. 1162 Be Very Careful, The Media is Setting You Up

    In this episode, I address the Second Amendment rally in Virginia and the media’s attempts to set you up. I also address the bold move by the GOP…

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    Gallup: Impeachment Efforts are Increasing Public Approval for Trump

    Even Gallup can’t deny the fact that the Democrats’ sham impeachment efforts are backfiring spectacularly…

    As pointed out by Paul Bedard, the…

    The Media is Shamelessly Slandering the VA Second Amendment Rally

    Impeachment has dominated the news cycle in recent months, and with that Democrats miraculously found a self-professed love for the Constitution….

    Most Attendees At Trump’s Wisconsin Rally Were Not Republicans

    President Donald Trump has the highest approval rating of any President among Republicans – and his popularity is growing among non-Republicans too…


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