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  • Podcast Ep. 1087

    Adam Schiff Gets Busted Again
    Oct 14th, 2019

    Fusion GPS to Release Book: Defends Steele Dossier, ‘Time to Explain Our Work in Our Own Words’

    Former Wall Street Journal journalists, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, who founded the Intelligence firm Fusion GPS are set to release a book from…

    Joe Biden Calls Trump Liar as Hunter Finally Breaks Silence, Resigns from Chinese Backed Equity Fund

    Hunter Biden is breaking his silence with his first interview…on Good Morning America of all places. The interview will air tomorrow morning and…

    Trump’s Brilliant Plan? Bipartisan Support behind President to Drop ‘Sanctions Hammer’ on Turkey

    Despite bipartisan backlash of President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops from Syria, he has always maintained that if Turkey takes any actions…

    Families of Islamic State Fighters Escape from Syrian Camp, What Happens Next?

    One of the main concerns immediately after President Trump announced he was pulling the final U.S. troops out of Syria was what would happen with the…

    Bogus Viral Study Claims Billionaires Are Paying Less Tax than the Poor Under Trump

    Two recent viral articles from the Washington Post and New York Times reported on some startling conclusions of a new study – that for the first…

    AOC Blames Capitalism for Government-Created Problems

    It’s a sad fact that for the most part, the GOP seems to have written off millennials as a lost cause when it comes to targeting their vote -…

    What you’ll discover in Dan’s new book “Exonerated”

    Exonerated: The Failed Takedown of President Donald Trump by the Swamp
    This explosive, whistle-blowing exposé reveals how Deep State actors relied…

    Sorry Impeachment Probers, Trump’s Job Approval Rating Still Higher Than Obama’s

    Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll, “the most accurate poll of the 2016 presidential election, shows Trump’s job approval rating has not only climbed…

    Pentagon Announces U.S. Sending Troops, Fighter Jets to Saudi Arabia

    The Pentagon has just announced that “Roughly 1,800 U.S. service members, as well as several dozen fighter jets and other air defense implements,…

    Beto Would Take Away Tax Exempt Status for Churches if Don’t Accept Same Sex Marriage; Booker Stays Silent

    CNN held a town hall last night with 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls, and discussion was devoted to LGBTQ rights and issues. Beto has already…

    Ep. 1086 The List of Suspects is Short

    In this episode, I address the unraveling case of the “whistleblower” and some serious questions we should all be asking about their motives.

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    Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Ethiopian Prime Minister for Efforts on Border Conflict

    The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize was announced this morning and the topic resonates around the world. The Associated Press reported that The Norwegian…


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