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  • Podcast Ep. 1110

    A Total Disaster for the Hapless Democrats
    Nov 14th, 2019

    From Capitol Hill’s ‘Carnival’ to ‘Subpoena Colada’ Cocktail Specials, Trump Raises $3.1 Million From First Open Hearings

    Bars all over DC were getting in the impeachment spirit with speciality cocktails and opening their doors early for patrons to enjoy watch parties….

    Warren’s Merch Mocking Billionaires Sold Via Billionaire-Run Company

    Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s newest merchandise–a coffee mug emblazoned with the term “billionaire tears” is being sold through a…

    Baltimore Mayor Defends Leadership: “I’m Not Committing The Murders”

    Baltimore, Maryland has one of the highest crime rates in the United States. It also is a city that has endured the most liberal leadership, similar…

    UPDATE: Islamic Jihad Fires Rockets Into Israel Hours After Cease-Fire

    UPDATE: After Islamic Jihad militant group spokesman announced a cease-fire deal that went into effect at 5:30am Thursday. At 7:30a.m. Israel’s…

    ICE Reports More than 600 Children “Recycled” at U.S.-Mexico Border

    While Democrats continue their 24-hour breathless obsession with their sham presidential impeachment efforts, child trafficking tragically remains a…

    New Proposal Limits Work Permits For Asylum Seekers Who Enter U.S. Illegally

    Thank goodness some work is still being done to benefit this country while Democrats continue to out everyone who hates Trump on a pedestal in an…

    Amb. Taylor Was With Zelensky July 26th; He Was ‘Happy’ With Trump Call

    Ambassador Bill Taylor testified in today’s first public hearings of the impeachment probe. Although Taylor was not on the call, he was with…

    Clinton Claims “Many, Many, Many” People are Urging her to Run

    Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton claims that “many, many, many” people are pressuring her to run in the 2020 race.

    Speaking to…

    Graham Claims He Won’t Watch Impeachment Hearings, Doesn’t Want to “Legitimize” Them

    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News’ Sean Hannity last night that he would not watch today’s House impeachment hearings, claiming he does not…

    Shady Schiff Claims he Doesn’t Know Identity of “Whistleblower”

    Despite his office’s coordination with the Ukraine “whistleblower,” Russian collusion hoaxer Adam Schiff (D-CA) claims he does not know their…

    Ep. 1109 This Impeachment Farce is a National Disgrace

    In this episode, I address the beginning of the impeachment farce and the reasons it’s about to explode in the faces of the Democrats. I also…

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    Just When We Thought We Were Done With Kaepernick, He Plans To Audition For NFL

    We almost forgot that Colin Kaepernick was once a football player, albeit a subpar one. He has been busy running around being “offended” by nearly…


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