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15 Reasons Not to Elect Joe Biden

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Given that Joe Biden generates no enthusiasm, makes frequent gaffes, and simply doesn’t have the energy for a full schedule of campaigning, it was smart for him to spend much of this year hunkering down. It was also smart for him to hide much of what he intends to do. After all, it’s not as if the mainstream media is going to demand to know what the next President of the United States intends to do if he’s elected. Still, you deserve to get a rough idea of what a Biden presidency would look like and so, here it is. Be forewarned, it is not pretty.

1) Joe Biden is 77 years old, seems to have difficulty working a full day, and has rather famously and significantly deteriorated mentally. He very obviously is physically and mentally incapable of handling a job as demanding as the presidency.

2) Joe Biden has been in politics since 1972. Do you think someone who has been in office that long without accomplishing much is going to sweep in and change everything for the better?

3) Biden has promised to halt all construction on a border wall, cancel the bilateral agreement with Mexico that stops many illegals from making it here, end deportations for anyone other than felons, and push through a massive amnesty for illegal aliens.

4) Joe Biden plans to ban the sale of new AR-15s and then demand that owners of AR-15s sell them to the government or sign up on a gun registry.

5) Biden has publicly said he no longer supports the Hyde Rule, which prevents federal money from being used for abortion. Put another way, he intends to use your tax dollars to kill babies.

6) Biden has noted that he is open to locking the country down again over Coronavirus.

7) Biden has said numerous times that he intends to ban fracking.

8) Biden is extremely liberal. His career ACU rating is 12.67%, meaning he only agreed with conservatives 12.67% of the time.

9) Joe Biden, who has a reputation for putting his hands all over women, was credibly accused of sexual assault by his former aide, Tara Reade.

10) Biden publicly admitted that he had advised Obama not to go through with the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

11) Electing Joe Biden after months of rioting by liberals in liberal cities will send a message that Americans are okay with that kind of behavior.

12) Both Biden and his VP, Kamala Harris, refuse to say whether they will attempt to add more justices to the Supreme Court. Of course, this means that is exactly what they intend to do, even if it will destabilize the country.

13) Joe Biden has signaled that he’s open to getting rid of the legislative filibuster in the Senate, which is extremely dangerous and has the potential to destabilize our Republic.

14) Kamala Harris was arguably the single most liberal member of the Senate and Joe Biden, who seems too feeble to finish his term, made her his vice-presidential running mate.

15) Barack Obama and Joe Biden presided over the slowest post-war economic recovery in American history. Is that the guy you want shepherding the economy after the economic damage caused by Corona and the lockdowns?

And that’s just to name fifteen examples – I think a couple thousand more could be added…

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