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20 Questions Every American Should Be Asking

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There’s no shortage of questions that Americans should be asking in our current political climate – here are just twenty:

1) Why do the rest of us have to change everything we’re doing because a small percentage of the population is constantly offended by everything?

2) Do you think printing more money with nothing to back it is a viable way to fix our country’s financial problems?

3) Do you really think corporations are so virtuous and trustworthy that it makes sense to let them become dominant monopolies that have an inordinate amount of power over people’s lives?

4) In history, how often have the people that have demanded we censor free speech and ban books turned out to be the good guys?

5) If Facebook and Twitter disappeared from the earth tomorrow, would the country be better or worse off?

6) Your personal share of the national debt is $64,114 and rising. Do you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth?

7) Everyone seems to start with the assumption that the more people that vote, the better off we are. Why do we want people that don’t pay income taxes, don’t know much about politics, and don’t feel passionate about the issues to vote? If you don’t know who the Vice-President is, are a criminal, are voting for whoever will give you the most goodies or are choosing whom you’re voting for based on which candidate is best looking or tallest, we’d be better off if you didn’t vote.

8) If the FBI is asking for help identifying people that invaded the Capitol building during the riots, why are they not trying to identify rioters that invaded courthouses, police stations, and government buildings in other parts of the country?

9) If I file a lawsuit against you and you win, shouldn’t I have to pay your legal fees since the court decided I did nothing wrong?

10) Women file for nearly 70% of the divorces in America. If we made joint custody the default, got rid of alimony, and didn’t allow for child support unless the parents decided against joint custody, do you think the divorce rate would go up or down?

11) If we made guns illegal, then wouldn’t it be much more likely to turn tens of millions of law-abiding Americans into criminals than to convince criminals who already illegally own guns to give them up?

12) If illegal aliens, Antifa, and BlackLivesMatter are allowed to break the law with impunity, why should other Americans respect the law? Why not break the law if you can get away with it as others are allowed to do?

13) In a country where you have an almost infinite number of musical, culinary, and product choices, why are lawmakers centralizing so much power in DC instead of centering it in the states, so that people can get the government they want, the way they want it?

14) If it’s fine to let people born as males that have decided they’re female play sports because there’s really no biological difference between women and men, then why do we need women’s sports in the first place? Why not let men and women compete against each other in every sport?

15) From 1969 to 2019, the cost of a college education jumped an incredible 3009%. In a world where the best college professors in America could conceivably teach thousands of students at once online, how does that make sense? Shouldn’t the cost of government-run colleges be dramatically DECREASING?

16) If gun sales are continuously reaching all-time highs and as many as 50% of Americans in some areas are ready to secede, shouldn’t that be prompting some serious discussions about what’s going wrong in the country, why so many people are alienated, and what we can do to keep the country together?

17) If you don’t pay income taxes, why should you be able to vote for politicians who decide what we’ll be doing with those income taxes?

18) Should your tax dollars be allowed to go to a school where they discriminate against people with your political or religious views? Shouldn’t your representatives be demanding that schools be politically unbiased if they want public funds?

19) How would making millions of poor, uneducated illegal immigrants that do manual labor legal citizens benefit Americans? If having a surplus of poor manual laborers made a country economically successful, wouldn’t all the countries they’re coming from already be wealthy?

20) There is a fantastic quote often falsely attributed to Voltaire that goes, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Who are those people? Are they the people you’re told are “privileged?” If not, are they really privileged? Or are they the people you’re told are “victims?” If you aren’t supposed to criticize them for doing the wrong thing, are they really “victims?”

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know and you can follow him on Parler here.

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