2020 Hopeful Yang Wants to Eliminate Car Ownership to Combat Climate Change

2020 Hopeful Yang Wants to Eliminate Car Ownership to Combat Climate Change

One better hope they are the lucky recipient of 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang’s $1,000/month giveaway before his next brilliant plan comes into play. That’s right, the extra money will be very helpful since we would no longer have cars.

During MSNBC’s climate forum this morning at Georgetown University, Yang said that “we might not own our own cars” by 2050 because private car ownership is “really inefficient and bad for the environment.” Speaking to a young collegiate audience, Yang said “you guys all probably agree with this because you’re quite young.”

Going further into detail on his proposal Yang added “what we’re really selling is not the car, it’s mobility. So if you have mobility that’s then tied into a much more, if you had like, for example, this constant roving fleet of electric cars that you would just order up, then you could diminish the impact of ground transportation on our environment very, very quickly.”

Yang’s plan calls for nearly $5 trillion in spending over the next 20 years. “Move our people to higher ground. Natural disasters and other effects of climate change are already causing damage and death.” He also wants “pro emissions standard for all new cars by 2030 and hundreds of billions of dollars in investments in emission-free ground and air transportation” reports the Free Beacon.

Between Beto taking away our guns and Yang taking away our cars, what’s next on the liberal docket?

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