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26 Democrats Defy Pelosi, Vote with GOP to Pass ICE Amendment in Gun Bill

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Twenty-six Democrats dared to defy Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and sided with Republicans on a ICE amendment during a vote on gun control legislation yesterday.

In a 240-190 vote, the House passed a gun law yesterday that would require mandatory background checks individuals purchasing any firearms.

Towards the end of the vote, Republicans added an amendment that would require illegal immigrants who undergo these background checks be reported to ICE. The amendment ended up passing 220-209.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democrats initially rejected the amendment to alert ICE of illegals trying to purchase firearms earlier in February when the bill passed 23-15 by the House Judiciary Committee. House voting results from Thursday, however, show 26 Democrats voted in favor of the bill with the amendment. Of those 26 Democrats, 22 represent districts that were pro-Trump during the 2016 elections, and 18 were first elected in 2018.

According to Politico, socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was left fuming over the vote. Sources tell the publication that during a meeting yesterday, the lawmaker vowed to “alert progressive activists when Democrats are voting with the GOP on these motions.”

Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) told the Daily Caller that the ICE amendment left Ocasio-Cortez unable to make up her mind on how to vote on the gun bill–and he found it pretty amusing.

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“I thought it was pretty amazing to watch the Democrats try to decide ‘Do we want to protect illegal immigrants or do we want to confiscate guns more?’ It was kind of funny,” Hudson said at CPAC.

“You had Ocasio-Cortez, who actually voted yes then switched to no then switched back to present then switch back to yes,” he continued. “So watching them twist themselves in knots trying to decide what’s more important to them—protecting illegal immigrants or confiscating guns was pretty funny.”

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