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  • Podcast Ep. 1051

    A Mind-Blowing Interview
    Aug 23rd, 2019

    ISIS Releases Posters Threatening Attacks in San Francisco, New York & London

    The threat of the terrorist organization ISIS has been at the forefront of national security and diplomatic discussions. The Free Beacon reports that…

    Democratic Primary Debate Night 1 Winner: TRUMP

    According to Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, last night’s primary democratic debate “was a really good night for Donald Trump. He could…

    Pete Buttigieg: “The Racial DIVIDE Lives WITHIN ME”

    You read that headline right. Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants to make sure urban voters walk away from last night’s debate knowing he understands them….

    Baltimore’s $1.8 Billion Stimulus Boondoggle Proves Trump Right

    President Donald Trump has come under fire after attacking Baltimore as “far worse and more dangerous” than ICE detention facilities in a rebuke…

    REALLY, California? The “Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act”?

    Liberal desperation at its finest is making the rounds in the California legislature. Senate Bill 27 is not content with the existing law which…

    TRUMP v. Cummings Continues: “Baltimore Residents Living in HELL”

    President Trump has had an ongoing battle with Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD) over Baltimore’s dire conditions. Trump spoke to reporters on…

    SHOCKING VIDEO: 2020 Presidential Candidate Leads Prayer for WHITE People to Apologize…for Everything!

    A SHOCKING video that was initially posted on July 19th is going viral of 2020 Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson. Williamson lead an entire…

    WATCH: Trump Defends McConnell, Calls WaPo ‘More of a Russian Asset’

    The ridiculous hashtag, #MoscowMitchMcTreason is now trending after the Senate Majority Leader gave a fiery speech on the Senate floor and fired back…

    Ep. 1033 Caught in a Web of Lies Again

    In this episode I address the astonishing series of media lies directed at President Trump yesterday. I also address a series of important breaks in…

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    A Piece of the SMOKING GUN? Papadopoulos Headed to Greece to Retrieve “ENTRAPMENT” Money

    Former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos whose odd story played a big role in the Mueller report findings has some shocking news. While a guest on…

    ICYMI: Trump Wins BIG; Supreme Court UNFREEZES Money for Border WALL Construction

    On Friday the Supreme Court of the United States gave the green light to President Trump to begin building the wall working with “four contracts it…

    WATCH: Bongino to Trump; Do NOT Back Away From Inner City MESS Caused by ‘Liberal Forest Fire’

    Today Dan opened the show with a plea to President Trump:

    Please, please, with respect and a sense of humility understanding my role in this…


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