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  • EP 1114

    The Democrats’ Impeachment Fiasco Implodes
    Nov 19th, 2019

    Ep. 1095 The Deep Staters Are Turning on Each Other

    In this episode, I address the anti-Trump collaborators turning on each other to cover their tracks as Barr and Durham close in. I also address…

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    GOP and ACLU Find Themselves In Agreement After House Passes Idiotic Election Bill

    Pigs could be flying; the ACLU and GOP lawmakers have found themselves in agreement, on the first amendment, no less. Yesterday afternoon the…

    Will the Impeachment Probe be the Next Hit Reality TV Show?

    Foreign Affairs committee member, Representative Tom Malinowski (D-NJ), along with his impeachment probing colleagues, are sending mixed messages to…

    Bernie and Warren Want a Wealth Tax – Here’s Why Most Countries Repealed Theirs

    Forget high income taxes, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are going after the farm too.

    No tax is too much for the duo, including one that…

    Hong Kong Kills Extradition Bill That Ignited Chaotic Uproar

    Hong Kong authorities formally withdraw the unpopular extradition bill that has led to chaos and deaths in the city that wants to remain…

    Stuck Outside Impeachment Proceedings, Republicans Say ‘Hell No, We Won’t Go’

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Democrats have been unjustifiably banning Republicans from impeachment hearings, but the GOP isn’t…

    Ep. 1094 The Deep State Plotters Had a Backup Plan & That’s Failing Too

    In this episode, I address the complete collapse of the deep-state plot to take down the Trump administration and the bizarre backup plan the…

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    New Information on More ‘Important Men’ NBC Protected from Rape Allegations

    The list for NBC’s protected sexual assailants with high public profiles continues to grow, and the details are more stomach churning than the next….

    SHOCKING: Another ‘Brave’ Former Trump Official Refuses to Release Identity with New Book

    Democrats are going through assinine measures to make sure the “whistleblower” of the Trump call with President Zelensky of Ukraine does not have to…

    Another Closed Testimony on the Hill Today and What Do We Know? Nothing.

    In yet another tightlipped testimony held under lock and key by the Democrats, details are slowly emerging from today’s Capitol hearing. Bill Taylor,…

    Ep. 1093 Explosive New Details About The Deep State Coverup

    In this episode, I address the explosive new details emerging about the deep-state coverup of the Spygate scandal. John Brennan and these politicians…

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    Forty-Six Attorneys General Join Antitrust Investigation into Facebook

    A New York-led antitrust investigation into Facebook just got beefed up with an additional forty-six attorneys general. New York Attorney General…


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