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  • EP 1163

    Troubling Video Emerges from this Democrats’ Campaign
    Jan 21st, 2020

    Best of the Year- The Dan Bongino Show


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    Following Impeachment Vote, Trump is More Popular Than Obama at Same Point in Presidency

    While every House Democrat in their right mind knows that President Donald Trump will not be removed from office, that wasn’t the only goal of their…

    Impeachment Hoax Continues: Dems Consider More Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

    House Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy President Trump, which is why it was revealed yesterday that they may bring more articles of…

    Trump Has Flipped America’s Most Liberal Court

    Reshaping America’s courts has been a principal accomplishment of Donald Trump that will last for decades beyond his presidency.

    During the first…

    Merry Christmas: Trump Crushes Top Dems in Latest “Electability” Poll

    President Trump beats out Vice President Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Bernie Sanders in a new YouGov/Economist…

    WATCH: Top 12 Fake News Media Fiascos of 2019

    As 2019 winds down, the Federalist compiled a list of some of the most embarrassing fake new media fiascos.

    Among other things, the list includes…

    New Zealand is the Latest Gun Control Failure

    [Following the worst mass shooting in their nation’s history, New Zealand immediately moved towards implementing gun control. So-called “assault…

    Ep. 1142 More Hidden Fireworks In The IG Report

    In this episode, I address troubling nuggets buried deep in the IG report that have largely escaped media reporting. This will open your eyes to the…

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    Trump Has Fundraised More from Impeachment Than Democrats Spent on It

    Democrats wasted $3 million of taxpayer dollars on the impeachment hearings, though when it comes to our government doing anything, that’s…

    Study: Immigration Likely to Redistribute 26 Congressional Seats–Mostly from Red to Blue States

    Immigration–both legal and illegal–will cause 26 congressional seats to be redistributed in 2020, according to a study from the Center for…

    EP 1141 Interview with Congressman Devin Nunes

    In this episode, I interview California congressman Devin Nunes about the biggest political scandal in US history.

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    New CNN Poll Finds Americans LOVE Trump’s Economy

    A new CNN poll has found that 76 percent of Americans believe the economy is either “very or somewhat good”–the highest amount since 2001, when 80…


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