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  • Podcast Ep. 1049

    Stunning New Revelations About What’s Ahead
    Aug 21st, 2019

    Ep. 1046 The Mystery Deepens

    In this episode I address the troubling new revelations about the Hillary Clinton email scandal. I also address an unprecedented liberal attack on…

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    NYC Subway AM Commute Disrupted by Pressure Cookers Intended to Strike Fear

    This morning’s subway commute in New York City was disrupted when “two abandoned objects that looked like pressure cookers prompted an evacuation of…

    Trump Reacts to Israeli PM Decision to Deny Entry for Representatives Omar & Tlaib

    President Trump addressed the decision by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deny entry for Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar….

    Outrageous Video: Public Taunts Law Enforcement Fighting PA Gunman in 8 Hour Shootout

    Law enforcement has been met with such vitriol in the last few months that if our country does not wake up soon, no one will protect it. A movement…

    Epstein Mystery Intensifies; New Explanation for Neck Injuries and Sources Say He was ‘Optimistic’ Before Death

    Rumors and conspiracy theories have been swirling around the mysterious Jeffrey Epstein suicide. Details from the autopsy report were released today,…

    Watch: Philly ‘Brothers in Blue’ Salute Officer Wounded in Shootout as he Departs Hospital

    After a harrowing eight hour standoff with police, 36-year-old suspect Maurice Hill surrendered to police with his arms up just around midnight, and…

    Ep. 1045 People Who Make the World Worse

    In this episode I address the disgusting efforts by power-hungry, soulless politicians to immediately politicize the tragedy in Philadelphia last…

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    UPDATE: All 6 Officers Wounded in Philly Shootout Released from Hospitals

    Fox News is following an active shooting where “a dramatic shootout in Philadelphia stretched on for hours into the night Wednesday” and six officers…

    Hat Tip of the Day: Ken Cuccinelli Destroys Erin Burnett and Liberal Lie claiming he ‘Rewrote’ Statue of Liberty Poem

    The Umbrella theme of today’s podcast was how liberals are really awful people and there sure were some great examples to reference today. One…

    Video: Daily Caller Exposes Reality v. Democrat Delusion of Border Security

    The Daily Caller sent a reporter to, ya know, actually report on the situation at our border with Mexico. Liberal media take note. Instead of just…

    Video: China Blames U.S. for Hong Kong Protests as Standoff Continues

    A standoff continues in Hong Kong between protestors fighting for freedom under fear of becoming part of China’s communist state. Although flights…

    Ep. 1044 Explosive New Revelations Emerge

    In this episode I address the real reasons behind the Trump administration’s big moves on immigration and tariffs. I also address stunningly…

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