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  • EP 1128

    Adam Schiff’s Lies Are Piling Up
    Dec 6th, 2019

    Ep. 1125 The Washington Post is Hiding Something


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    In this episode, I address the explosive…

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    Update: Graham Throws Cold Water on Claims that AG Barr in Disagreement with Horowitz Findings

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is throwing cold water on claims that Attorney General William Barr is in disagreement with a key finding in the…

    EP 1124 Interview with Brian Kilmeade

    In this episode, I interview Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade about his time in the media spotlight and about his new book “Sam Houston and the…

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    Trump Campaign Will No Longer Credential Bloomberg Reporters

    The Trump campaign announced today it would no longer credential Bloomberg reporters due to the publication’s open bias against President…

    Dan Reacts to Lisa Page’s Conveniently Timed Interview: Deep State is Panicked

    FBI lovebird lawyer Lisa Page has broken her silence–conveniently just days before the IG report on the bureau’s misconduct is set to…

    Ep. 1123 Panic Breaks Out Before the IG Report

    In this episode, I address the panic breaking out in the deep state as the IG Report release looms large. This key player emerged from the darkness…

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    FLASHBACK: What Dem Hypocrites Said About Impeachment in 1998

    Democrats gained no ground from their impeachment hearings, where everyone denied the quid pro quo they’re looking for. Hilariously, support for…

    TRUMP BOOM: America Now the World’s Biggest Oil Producer

    Former President Barack Obama famously challenged then-candidate Donald Trump’s broad economic promises, asking “What magic wand do you have?”


    Collins: My “First and Foremost” Witness During Impeachment Hearing is Adam Schiff

    Ranking House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) says his “first and foremost” witness during the upcoming impeachment hearing will…

    Lisa Page’s Interview Contains Two Big Lies

    Giving her first public interview interview, Lisa Page sat down with the Daily Beast’s Molly Jong Fast, one of Twitter’s most active (alleged) trust…

    After Afghanistan Trip, Trump Slams Newsweek for Article Claiming he was Golfing and Tweeting During Thanksgiving

    President Trump bashed Newsweek after it ran an article on his Thanksgiving plans, claiming he was spending the holiday tweeting and golfing before…

    Ep. 1122 The Explosive Connections The Media is Scrambling to Cover up

    In this episode, I address the disturbing connections in the scheme to spy on the Trump team that are now coming to light, and the media is trying to…

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