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  • EP 1127

    Pelosi Melts Down
    Dec 5th, 2019

    Pro-Spartacus Super-PAC Closes After Raising Almost No Money

    The 2020 Democratic field began with so many candidates it initially took two separate debates to host them all.

    The herd has thinned as most of…

    Hong Kong Protesters Hold Pro-American Rally on Thanksgiving

    The anti-communist protesters in Hong Kong are thanking President Donald Trump and America after he signed a bill before Thanksgiving supporting…

    2020 Dems Gun Control Rhetoric Sends Gun Sales Soaring

    As the Democrats 2020 campaign rhetoric is heating up, so are the nation’s gun sales.

    The numbers are in for October, and they show a 11% increase…

    Warren Begins Pandering to Native American Community

    Support for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign has been cut in half over the past month, and as her support dwindles, she’s pandering to a…

    Ep. 1121 Don’t Fall into the Trap the Libs & the Media are setting

    In this episode, I address the trap liberals, and their media sycophants, are setting us up for with the release of the IG report. It’s going to…

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    Putin Foe: Fusion GPS a Russian Agent

    Throughout the Spygate saga, one of the most suspicious “proofs” of collusion came from when Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya had her infamous…

    Trump: Mexican Cartels will be Labeled Terrorist Organizations

    President Trump claims he will designate some Mexican cartels as terrorist organizations.

    In an interview with Bill O’Reilly released yesterday,…

    NOSEDIVE: Warren Loses Half of Supporters in One Month

    Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is hemorrhaging support as Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are seeing their fortunes rise in the polls.

    In the latest…

    Obama Privately Said He Would Speak Up to Stop Sanders

    There’s a narrative in the media that in the Donald Trump-era, the right-wing has pushed the pedal to the floor, and moved further right than they…

    WATCH: College Students Slam Thanksgiving, Claim Holiday Shouldn’t be Celebrated

    It wouldn’t be a holiday season without liberals taking offense to the traditions most Americans hold near to their hearts….

    With Thanksgiving…

    Study: News Coverage of Trump Impeachment Vastly Different Than Clinton Era

    A new study has found that while news networks have obsessed over the Trump impeachment hearings, the same cannot be said for their coverage of the…

    Ep. 1120 Get Ready for the Next Anti Trump Hoax

    In this episode, I address the insane narrative the Democrats, and their media pals, are getting to push. You won’t believe where they’re going…

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