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  • Podcast Ep. 1049

    Stunning New Revelations About What’s Ahead
    Aug 21st, 2019

    The Problem With “Red Flag” Laws

    Following the tragedy in Parkland last year, the National Review’s David French proposed “a gun-control measure conservatives should consider.”…

    Twitter Draws Line in the Sand: Supports Liberal Bullies, Blocks Victimized Conservatives

    Twitter’s blatant bias could not be more evident after yesterday’s actions, or rather, lack thereof. The country was divided when Congressman…

    WATCH: ‘Brothers in Blue’ Find out They are True Blood Brothers From 23andMe

    Fox and Friends First had Officer Eric Reynolds and Sergeant David Stull on this morning to share their feel good story of the century. The two…

    Dems already ‘Mischaracterizing’ Trump Visits to Dayton and El Paso

    President Trump has just landed in El Paso to visit the victims of Saturday’s shooting at a WalMart. It is his second stop today after first…

    CASTRO (D-TX) Won’t Back Down from IRRESPONSIBLE and DANGEROUS Release of Trump Donors

    Democrats love to play dangerous games such as publicly out gun owners, jump to boycotts when someone or entity expresses their opposing opinions…

    Lewinsky Produces ‘IMPEACHMENT’ Miniseries Coming to FX; Dems Angry at 2020 Election Timing

    FX’s Emmy-winning American Crime Story announced that season three will “focus on the saga of the Clinton presidency scandal with Monica Lewinsky…

    Ep. 1039 Don’t Fall For False Narratives

    In this episode I address the troubling efforts by liberals and the media to pressure people into advancing false narratives in the aftermath of the…

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    Cuomo: NYPD Response to Water Dousing “Impotent” and Actions were “Disturbing and Embarrassing”

    Governor Andrew Cuomo was a guest on Albany’s WAMC radio and got heated about the recent incidents where civilians threw buckets of water at NYPD…

    No, The United States Does NOT Lead the World in Mass Shootings

    Today on the Dan Bongino show Podcast ‘Endless Lies From the Media’ Dan deep dives into very serious moral mishaps that are happening in the…

    IRAN Unveils Three New Missiles; Warns of ‘Mother of All Wars’

    Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has warned of the ‘mother of all wars’ if the United States attacks, and today Iran unveiled three new…

    Hong Kong Airline Reveals it’s Recording Passengers to Help “Flying Experience”

    Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific airline revealed “it is recording passenger activity on its aircraft via inflight entertainment systems and video…

    Ep. 1038 Endless Lies From the Media

    In this episode I address the troubling misinformation campaign being waged in the aftermath of the Dayton and El Paso attacks.

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