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  • EP 1114

    The Democrats’ Impeachment Fiasco Implodes
    Nov 19th, 2019

    Ep. 1102 The Real Story Behind the Fake Whistleblower

    In this episode, I address stunning new details about the “whistleblower” plot to take down President Trump. I discuss the identities of key…

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    Rep. Ilhan Omar Endorses ‘Son of A Jewish Refugee’ to Combat Trump’s White Supremacist ‘Coddling’

    Bernie Sanders just got endorsed by America’s biggest critic, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MI). At a rally with candidate Sanders Sunday night in…

    Whistleblower Atty Tweets Client Will Accept ‘Written’ Questions, Just Not About ‘Irrelevant’ Identity

    In an interesting 7-part tweet Sunday, the attorney for the Ukraine call “whistleblower” made a bizarre announcement. “WBer NEWS ALERT” the lawyer…

    Warren’s Healthcare Plan is a $52 Trillion Disaster

    Elizabeth Warren’s medicare for all plan it out, and according to her, the middle class will somehow not see any increase in their taxes as…

    ‘Hell, No’ He Won’t Be Taking Your Guns; Democratic Presidential Candidate Field Down By One

    Hell, no, he won’t be taking away your guns. Former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke announced just moments ago that he is ending his bid for 2020…

    A ‘Solid’ 128,000 Jobs Added In October and Black Unemployment Hits All Time LOW

    The October Jobs report was released today with some good news before heading into the holiday season. The Associated Press reports that “U.S….

    Ep. 1101 Pelosi and Schiff Keep Digging Themselves Deeper in the Hole

    In this episode, I address the Democrats’ collapsing case for impeachment as yet another key witness blows up in the Democrats’ faces. I also…

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    NYT Reporter Held Back Story Debunking Warren Lie: She Chose to Resign Despite Second-Year Teaching Offer

    A reporter who currently works for the New York Times chose not to report information that contradicts Elizabeth Warren’s story about being fired in…

    CA Politicians Can’t Accept Policy Choices Played Part in Wildfire Horrors

    The second round of devastating fires in just a year is taking its toll on Californians, both physically and emotionally. PG&E, the company that…

    Twitter to Drop ALL Political Ads Globally Beginning Nov. 22

    In a series of tweets, twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced it will no longer run political ads. Hillary Clinton immediately responded calling it “the…

    Coincidence No More: Biden Repeatedly Had Fed Agencies Help Son’s Lobbying Clients

    Repeatedly presidential candidate Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, have maintained that they never spoke of Hunter’s business affairs. Joe Biden must…

    PASSED: Dems Push Impeachment Rules Through House 232-196

    After roughly an hour of debating on the House floor, a vote was taken on a resolution filled with ground rules for the impeachment inquiry against…


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