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  • EP 1128

    Adam Schiff’s Lies Are Piling Up
    Dec 6th, 2019

    Fusion GPS Founders Admit Anti-Trump Dossier Contains Dubious Allegations

    Fusion GPS founders Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch admit that the phony, Clinton-funded anti-Trump dossier contains a “handful” of allegations which…

    Ep. 1116 This Entire Impeachment Hoax is Based on Lies

    In this episode, I address the Democrats’, and their media allies, hysterical response to yesterday morning’s impeachment farce, and how the…

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    GOP DOMINATES Dems in Fundraising During Impeachment Hysteria

    The impeachment circus has a beneficiary the Democrats never could’ve expected – President Donald Trump.

    While both sides of the political…

    Impeachment Update: EVERYONE Denies A Quid Pro Quo

    At this point, could the impeachment hearings be any more pointless?

    The entire case for impeachment against Trump rests on an alleged quid pro…

    Watch Biden’s Cringeworthy Answer on Domestic Violence

    Former Vice President Joe Biden provided cringeworthy commentary on domestic violence during last night’s Democratic debate, insisting we must keep…

    FISA Report to be Released Dec. 9

    The Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant abuses is set to be released on December…

    Trump: Sondland’s Testimony Spells End to Dem Impeachment Fantasy

    President Trump addressed reporters today and said that EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony proves that the Democrats’ impeachment efforts are…

    Trump Approval Rating Increases In Spite of Dem Impeachment Push

    As Democrats continue their all-out impeachment war against President Trump, a new poll shows their plan is backfiring.

    A Gallup poll released…

    Republicans Seek to Subpoena Hunter Biden and “Whistleblower”

    Ranking House Intelligence Committee Member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has requested that both Hunter Biden and the “whistleblower” be subpoenaed to…

    Debunking the Myth Obama Deported More Illegals Than Trump

    A myth I debunked last year has been resurrected – that Barack Obama deported more people than Preisdent Donald Trump.

    I can’t exactly figure…

    Ep. 1115 The Impeachment Farce Falls Flat, Again

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    In this episode I address the latest…

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    Clinton Foundation Donations Down 90% Since Peak

    The Clinton Foundation’s finances are dwindling faster than Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations, their latest financial records…


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