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  • Podcast Ep. 1051

    A Mind-Blowing Interview
    Aug 23rd, 2019

    Ep. 1038 Endless Lies From the Media

    In this episode I address the troubling misinformation campaign being waged in the aftermath of the Dayton and El Paso attacks.

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    WATCH: NFL Hall of Fame Inductee Ed Reed Tells Heartfelt Story of Cop From His Childhood

    Former NFL player Ed Reed who played for the University of Miami and majority of his career with the Baltimore Ravens, might just be what America…

    The Relationship Between Guns and Murder Isn’t What Liberals Think

    With two mass shootings occurring within a 24 hour period, the debate over gun violence has understandably been reignited this week.

    In making…

    OUTRAGEOUS: Mexico Threatens the United States for Failure to Protect ITS Citizens!?

    It is hard to clearly analyze statements made by Mexico’s Foreign Ministry yesterday in response to Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso. The…

    Apparently the TSA Has Instagram…and a Sense of Humor!

    Your looming question is finally answered; Yes! The Transportation Security Administration has an Instagram account. And frankly, it’s quite…

    Shooting Aftermath: As Dems Begin BLAME GAME, Trump Looks for Solutions

    During a hotly contested Democratic primary amidst an anti-Trump movement, the blame game occurred immediately after the two horrendous mass…

    Ep. 1037 A Tragic Weekend

    In this episode I address the deeply disturbing trend among power hungry politicians, and their media allies, to blame President Trump for tragedies….

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    WATCH: Dan Blasts ‘Disturbing, Grotesque’ Trend to Politicize Tragedy

    Blaming President Trump for mass shootings takes away focus from what is going on with our culture, Dan Bongino said on Fox News over the…

    2 Mass Shootings in 15 Hours: America Mourns Weekend Tragedies

    Yesterday in El Paso, Texas around 11 a.m., a gunman opened fire at a WalMart killing at least 20 people and wounding an additional 26. According to…

    FBI Seeking TECH to Catch Criminals and Terrorists on Social Media BEFORE they Strike

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has asked interested vendors to propose “social media early alerting” tools that will “help insiders…

    Beating Biden: Poll Shows Former VEEP Still Leading Dems in 2020 Primary

    Despite ganging up on former Vice President Joe Biden at last night’s debate in hopes to minimize his lead, it seems it was all for naught….

    Feel Good Friday: RECORD Employment Numbers in JULY

    As Democrats are desperately trying to claim that their presidential nomination is what’s best for the country, it will be hard for them to argue…


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