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  • EP 1163

    Troubling Video Emerges from this Democrats’ Campaign
    Jan 21st, 2020

    96% of DOJ Political Donations Were to Hillary Clinton, Liberal Groups

    The swamp showed little love for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, an analysis of Federal Election Commission data has shown.

    The Epoch…

    The List: The Media Has Pushed AT LEAST 109 Fake Stories About Trump

    The mainstream media has proven that there’s no story they can’t spin against President Donald Trump – and sometimes there’s no need for spin – they…

    Trump Campaign Reports MASSIVE Fourth Quarter Fundraising in Midst of Dem Impeachment Hoax

    In the midst of the Democrats’ sham impeachment push, the Trump campaign raised a whopping $46 million in its fourth quarter fundraising…

    Survey Finds Trump Voters Better Than Democrats at Spotting Media Misinformation

    Since when did “all the news that’s fit to print” become “all the fake news that’s fit to print”?

    While it’s no secret that the media has an…

    Ep. 1148 A Disturbing Photo Emerges Exposing The Obama Administration


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    In this episode, I address the troubling…

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    Most Democrats Who Support Impeachment Believe It Will Fail

    If you think the impeachment circus that the Democrats have put on has been nothing more than one big waste of time doomed for inevitable failure in…

    AOC’s District Could Be on the Chopping Block

    As we reported earlier in the week, the 2020 Census is set to shift around seats in the House of Representatives in a manor that slightly benefits…

    The Stats on Self-Defensive Gun Use Liberals Don’t Want You To See

    Last Sunday Millions of Americans watched the video of an armed parishioner named Jack Wilson taking down a shooter just seconds after he opened…

    Ep. 1147 Explosive New Details Emerge About the Spying Operation on Trump

    In this episode, I address the disturbing story about to be revealed in the Spygate scandal, and it revolves around this key date. I also address the…

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    California is Proof of Liberalism’s Failures

    If you need proof that liberalism doesn’t work, look no further than California. The state leads the pack when it comes to out-migration (jumping 38%…

    Disgraced Strzok Claims his Anti-Trump Text Messages are Protected Under First Amendment

    Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok claims the anti-Trump text messages between himself and his lover, Lisa Page are protected under the First…

    NY DMVs Still Overwhelmed Weeks After Giving Illegals Licenses

    New York became the thirteenth state to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses earlier this month, and there are an estimated million…


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