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  • EP 1114

    The Democrats’ Impeachment Fiasco Implodes
    Nov 19th, 2019

    CA Politicians Can’t Accept Policy Choices Played Part in Wildfire Horrors

    The second round of devastating fires in just a year is taking its toll on Californians, both physically and emotionally. PG&E, the company that…

    Twitter to Drop ALL Political Ads Globally Beginning Nov. 22

    In a series of tweets, twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced it will no longer run political ads. Hillary Clinton immediately responded calling it “the…

    Coincidence No More: Biden Repeatedly Had Fed Agencies Help Son’s Lobbying Clients

    Repeatedly presidential candidate Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, have maintained that they never spoke of Hunter’s business affairs. Joe Biden must…

    PASSED: Dems Push Impeachment Rules Through House 232-196

    After roughly an hour of debating on the House floor, a vote was taken on a resolution filled with ground rules for the impeachment inquiry against…

    Ep. 1100 Was “Charlie” Spying on the Trump White House?

    In this episode, I address the explosive new ties between the alleged “whistleblower” and key players in the plot to take down, and spy on, the…

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    Rep. Omar Received Campaign Contribution from Activist and Cousin of Turkish President Erdogan

    Anti-American Representative Ilhan Omar has received contributions to her campaign from “the co-chairman of a Turkish-American advocacy group with…

    Republican Matt Gaetz Files Ethics Complaint Against Schiff

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been playing by his own rules. As someone who has been chomping at the bit to impeach Trump for…

    RELEASED: Play-by-Play Video of al-Baghdadi Raid

    Today the Pentagon released video footage of last weekend’s raid that led to the death of the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The almost…

    Investigating the Investigators: Durham To Unleash on Obama Era Officials?

    Let’s see just how former Obama era administrators and officials handle the spotlight when the beloved “Russia ties” are turned on them. As U.S….

    Democratic Presidential Candidates are the NRA’s Best Fundraisers

    “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15’s, your AK-47’s” said Beto O’Rourke during the third Democratic primary debate. The message was clear:…

    Ep. 1099 The Democrats’ Impeachment Story Collapses

    In this episode I address the liberal media’s hypocritical attacks on Trump after the testimony of this military officer on the phony Ukraine…

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    And So it Begins: Are Democrats From Pro-Trump Districts Breaking Away from Pelosi?

    President Trump and the White House have been saying ever since Pelosi first announced the impeachment probe that too many House Democrats who hail…


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