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“Don’t Hold Your Breath:” Nunes Not Convinced Mueller Will Testify Before Congress

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Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) isn’t convinced that Robert Mueller will testify next week after his appearance before Capitol Hill was delayed by one week due to a “breakdown in negotiations.”

Speaking to Fox News today, Nunes said, “Look there’s a lot of risk I think for Bob Mueller to actually do this. So the Department of Justice has said he doesn’t have to do it. His report goes far and wide–much farther than even the statute is supposed to allow for–that was all made public.”

He continued, “So if he’s only going to stick within what they call the ‘four corners’ of the report, I’m not sure why he would even come testify and he’s not going to be able to say a lot.”

“Now, with that said, I want to make sure its perfectly clear there are a ton of questions I have for Mueller. That’s for sure.”

Last week it was announced that Mueller’s testimony would be delayed. He was originally scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees this Wednesday, July 17–but that has since been postponed to July 24.

Fox News reported last week:

Mueller was slated to testify in public before the Judiciary Committee for two hours or more, followed by another two hours-plus of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in an open setting.

But there were conflicting details over plans for a subsequent private session. One source told Fox News this week that the Democrats plan to have Mueller testify behind closed doors–yet it remained unclear whether Mueller himself would participate in that setting, or if his deputies would answer questions instead.

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