Amid Extensive Legal Battle With Gov Murphy, NJ Gym Owners Celebrate Reopening Date

Amid Extensive Legal Battle With Gov Murphy, NJ Gym Owners Celebrate Reopening Date

After the long coronavirus lockdowns, gyms in New Jersey will finally be allowed to reopen next Tuesday.

Even though this is a clear win, the legal battles for Atilis Gym in Bellmawr are still ongoing, co-owners Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith told FOX Business’s Neil Cavuto.

Smith said that “[W]e still have a long battle ahead of us but it’s a step in the right direction. We have a lot of legal issues to resolve and some legal issues of our own with Gov. Murphy. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction.”

Atilis, which refused to close after Murphy’s draconian coronavirus edicts, had its business license revoked a few weeks ago.

Nevertheless, Atilis persisted by deeming the gym an official campaign location by joining with New Jersey Senate Candidate Rik Mehta. Trumbetti told Fox that “[S]ince they took our business license away from us, everybody comes in and signs up to be a volunteer for the campaign and we do different things throughout the day. And we allow everyone to exercise their rights while they are here.”

Smith said that even though Atilis technically isn’t included in the September 1st reopening since they do not have their license currently, the gym will nevertheless be open:

“We’re going to stay open. We’ve suspended all commerce. We haven’t charged any members since April anyway. This wasn’t about just reopening the gym and making money. From the beginning, this is about taking a stand for what we believe are gross violations of due process and our constitutional rights… Gov. Murphy got his way and got us, quote, ‘out of business’ but we’re still open.”

The two co-owners also believe that Murphy’s excuses for closing the gym due to coronavirus spread do not hold water.

Trubbetti said that “I think from the beginning it was just a joke. They had… statements with no signs of data… Since June 16th, we’ve had over 28,464 visitors come to our site and we don’t have a single case of COVID and we have not required them to wear masks,” with Smith adding that “I just hope that all the gym owners out there that have been closed… take the precautions that we’ve taken and they take it very seriously… and follow the guidelines or else they’re going to find themselves being made an example of.”

The case of Atilis Gym is an incredible example of how to fight the Left. They should be a model for us all.

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