After Flynn Documents Release, Justice Must Come For the Deep State

After Flynn Documents Release, Justice Must Come For the Deep State

On Wednesday, new documents were unsealed that show explicitly that in January 2017, then-national security advisor Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was set up by the FBI.

The transcript of the documents read, “[W]hat is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

According to Just the News:

The notes and other emails were provided to Flynn’s lawyers under seal last week and released Wednesday night by court order, providing the most damning evidence to date of potential politicalization and misconduct inside the FBI during the Russia probe.

The notes show FBI officials discussed not providing Flynn a Miranda-like warning before his January 2017 interview —  a practice normally followed in such interviews — so that he could be charged with a crime if he misled the agents, the officials said.

This really is the bombshell of all bombshells, and proves how the deep state, from former Obama officials, such as Sally Yates and John Brennan, to rogue FBI agents and their bosses, such as James Comey, Bill Priestap and Peter Sztrok, really was working to sabotage President Trump and his administration. It’s as clear as possible. Flynn was framed.

Judge Sullivan, overseeing the case, who had earlier called Flynn “treasonous,” must reverse this as quickly as possible. A presidential pardon would be nice, but by full exoneration, Flynn walks away a free man with this horrible saga behind him and his family.

But that cannot be the end of the story. There must be justice for the deep state.

These documents show how purposeful they actually were, but we know from other examples as well that this setup was a calculated plan.

These smug, arrogant, and unrepentant crooks must be held accountable. Justice must be blind, or there is no justice at all.

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