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AG Barr Rules to Keep Asylum Seekers Detained Until Immigration Hearings Conclude

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Attorney General William Barr has ruled that illegal immigrants citing “credible fear” of returning to their homeland will no longer be eligible for bond and will remain in detention centers until their immigration hearings conclude.

Barr’s decision states, “The question presented is whether aliens who are originally placed in expedited proceedings and then transferred to full proceedings after establishing a credible fear become eligible for bond upon transfer. I conclude that such aliens remain ineligible for bond, whether they are arriving at the border or are apprehended in the United States.”

Fox News writes:

The decision is Barr’s first immigration-related ruling since being confirmed as attorney general and comes as the Trump administration clamps down on illegal immigration amid a surge at the border. The attorney general has the authority to overturn prior rulings made by immigration courts, which fall under the Justice Department.

The ruling will take effect in 90 days and does not apply to families (who can only be held for a maximum of 20 days) or unaccompanied minors

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