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AG Barr Willing to Testify before Senate Judiciary Cmte on Mueller Probe

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Attorney General William Barr said he would be willing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Mueller probe, according to Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham–who had a phone call with Barr earlier today–told reporters, “I told him I’d like him to come before the committee, he said he’d be glad to come, just give him some time to figure out, you know, as soon as possible, but thoroughly vet the report and make sure we don’t compromise anybody’s security.”

The Senator also noted that Barr would be speaking with Mueller to determine what aspects of the special counsel report should be made public.

The Hill reports, “Graham said that Barr could wait until after a public version of Mueller’s report was released before he appears before the Judiciary Committee, but reiterated that he wants him to testify publicly.”

“Go ahead and wait until he goes through the report, figures out what he can share with us and come to the committee and share it,” the Senator said. “We’re going to do it on Mr. Barr’s reasonable schedule. He needs, I think, some reasonable period of time to go through it, working with Mr. Mueller to make sure grand jury information is not disclosed.”

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