Amazing: Many Liberals Think Impeachment Means Removal From Office

Amazing: Many Liberals Think Impeachment Means Removal From Office

I couldn’t help but chuckle the other night when I came across a tweet from the left-wing website Vox asking “Did you know: Impeachment by the House won’t remove Trump from Office?” Who exactly was their target audience for the article – someone who hadn’t taken a fifth grade civics course? Apparently not, as Vox’s co-founder Matthew Ylgesias says the site’s target audience is “graduates of or students at selective colleges” – which truly is a bleak indictment of our institutions of higher learning in that case.

As it turns out, they do know their audience well. As President Donald Trump literally rallied on through the House’s impeachment vote, no shortage of liberals seriously thought that Trump was just removed from office.

One leftist hero came to the rescue to defend his fellow knownothings, and dismissed expecting people to know how the government works as being both classist and elistist.

I’m not sure the problem is “class” in that case, so much as it is a problem of not paying attention in middle school.

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