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Amb. Taylor Was With Zelensky July 26th; He Was ‘Happy’ With Trump Call

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Ambassador Bill Taylor testified in today’s first public hearings of the impeachment probe. Although Taylor was not on the call, he was with President Zelensky the next day, July 26th. While answering questions from Steve Castor, the attorney handling questioning for the GOP during the impeachment probe, an issue finally arose that has previously been completely ignored by the Democrats. What does Zelensky think? Certainly the leader would acknowledge if he were in the very center of a quid pro quo scenario.

In September, when President Trump and President Zelensky held a joint press conference, Zelensky told the press he felt “no pressure” from Trump to investigate the Bidens. Democrats failed to recognize the words coming directly from the leader himself. It’s not surprising that Zelensky is insignificant to the Democrats; why would he be when even the transcript of the call that started this whole ordeal was completely neglected.

Perhaps third time’s a charm. Zelensky’s position? The short, but crucial exchange between Castor is as follows:

Castor: “You were with President Zelensky the very next day?”

Amb. Taylor: “We were. We had a meeting with him the very next day.”

Castor: “And did President Zelensky raise any concerns about his views of the call?”

Amb. Taylor: (Stumbling) “Right, so uh, I, ambassador Volker, ambassador Sondland, uh in his office. And we asked him, I think, how the call was. He said ‘the call was fine. I was happy with the call.”

Trump says the call was “perfect,” Zelensky said he was “happy” with the call. Only the “whistleblower” who has worked for Biden, the very man in question, had concerns. Yet, the blood-thirsty Democrats and anti-Trumpers who had failed to impeach Trump on three former occasions decided why not try a new, absolutely ridiculous route. As Representative Mike Turner said in today’s hearings, “We are not in a court…and if we were, the 6th Amendment would apply and so would rules on hearsay and opinion and most of your two testimonies would not be admissible whatsoever.”

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