Amy Klobuchar Repeats Kamala Harris’ Debunked Lie About Abe Lincoln

Amy Klobuchar Repeats Kamala Harris’ Debunked Lie About Abe Lincoln

The Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings are underway today on their second day, and the Democrats are not sending their best.

As was the case yesterday, Democrats aren’t even pretending that Barrett’s qualifications or integrity are under question, and are instead obsessing over cases such as Roe V. Wade and challenges to ObamaCare, presumably in attempt to get some soundbites before ACB is inevitably confirmed to the Supreme Court.

“This hearing is not normal. It’s a sham. It’s a rush.” Klobuchar said. “The last time we had a vacancy so close to an election is when Abraham Lincoln was President. And he made the wise decision to wait until after the election.”

Kamala Harris had first spawned that talking point during her debate with VP Mike Pence.

It was a lie when Harris said it, and it’s still a lie now. In reality, Lincoln didn’t send a nominee in October 1864 to the Senate because the Senate was out of session until December. He sent nominee Salmon P. Chase to the Senate during the second day of the new session, and he was was confirmed that same day.

I’d ask Klobuchar “why lie if the facts are on your side” but to ask such a question is to answer it.

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