And So it Begins: Are Democrats From Pro-Trump Districts Breaking Away from Pelosi?

And So it Begins: Are Democrats From Pro-Trump Districts Breaking Away from Pelosi?

President Trump and the White House have been saying ever since Pelosi first announced the impeachment probe that too many House Democrats who hail from pro-Trump districts could not risk their own reelections to support impeachment. Representative Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) may be the first to stray from his impeachment loving colleagues.

According to Newsweek, Van Drew has “maintained his long-held stance against the notion Trump has committed potential impeachable offenses…Van Drew, who flipped a Trump district, said an inquiry was too divisive and could potentially backfire on Democrats ahead of the 2020 election, adding that he would not vote for the impeachment resolution.”

Van Drew told reporters “the odds are, if you really look at it objectively: he’ll be impeached here, they’ll then move to the Senate, he’ll be vindicated. So, he will still be the president and he will be able to go around and say, ‘I have been vindicated because I was not impeached.” The congressman continued, “I don’t know that we gain that much from that. I know what we lose: I know that we split people further apart; I know that we split the country apart even more; I know that we, regardless of what people say, get less work done.”

If only he could talk some sense into his colleagues and explain to them the complete waste of time that has no other repercussion than to hurt the American people for having ignored issues that affect them for months while they continue to go on this expensive and time consuming wild goose chase.

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