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Andrew Cuomo’s Previously Sky-High Approval Rating Falls Amid Nursing Home Scandal

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just a few short weeks ago enjoyed the approval of nearly two-thirds of New York’s population, but that good will has started to shift as the governor finds himself embroiled in a cover up scandal related to his decision to send COVID-19 patients to the state’s nursing homes.

While this is a story that conservatives have been aware of since it happened, it hasn’t been until recently that the mainstream media bothered to pick up the story following an AG report documenting how the state undercounted nursing home deaths.

From Breitbart:

The survey, taken February 12-21 among 3,203 registered New York voters, showed Cuomo with 57 percent approval. While it seems positive on the surface, that reflects a six-point drop from the 63 percent approval he saw in the last survey taken prior to the New York Post bombshell, which featured the stunning admission from Melissa DeRosa, New York’s secretary to the governor.

The last survey, taken February 2-11, also showed Cuomo’s disapproval at 33 percent. That number is on the rise, now standing at 38 percent.

“By comparison, perceptions of Cuomo went unchanged in the aftermath of state Attorney General Letitia James’ Jan. 28 report that first revealed the undercounting of nursing home deaths,” Morning Consult reported, noting that Cuomo continues to be “more popular than he was before the pandemic began”

The poll is extra evidence that the governor’s popularity may be in free fall after a Siena College Research Institute survey released last week showed Cuomo’s approval/disapproval ratings slipping from 56-42 percent to 51-47 percent since the scandal began.

Despite the controversy swirling around him, Cuomo has remained defiant, accusing Republicans of launching “crazy” and politically motivated “lies” at his administration.

He has also continued to insist that the information he provided on nursing homes was accurate, while acknowledging he “did not produce public information fast enough.”

“This creates a void,” he said. “And conspiracy theories and politics and rumors fill that void and you can’t allow inaccurate information to go unanswered.”

Nevertheless, state lawmakers have continued to press forward with legislation that would strip Cuomo of his emergency powers.

“This isn’t following the science. This is arbitrarily making decisions that might be best for the governor, but I’m not sure they’re best for the people in New York State,” New York State Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay said. “This is the time to take away those executive powers from the governor.”

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