Antifa Attempts to Set Up “Autonomous Zone” in Seattle

Antifa Attempts to Set Up “Autonomous Zone” in Seattle

It looks like once again the crazies among us will be giving communism yet another try – this time in Seattle.

According to

Protesters in Seattle, Washington declared a region that includes the East Precinct as the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” after the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard pulled out of the region. The Precinct building appears empty, Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reported, and now the six-block region has been declared “autonomous” with signs on barricades the read: “You are now leaving the USA.” This isn’t a legal region or recognized by any government. It’s an unofficial name given by protesters who have vowed to keep thee region peaceful.

While antifa opposes borders in every other context – they have attempted to legitimize their own territory with them.


They’ve also released a map of their claimed territory, which you’ll notice hilariously describes a nearby Safeway supermarket as a “regime occupied Safeway.” Admittedly when I first saw the map online I thought it was a parody of a Syrian civil war map, not something Antifa had come up with unironically.

They’ve even managed to get their own Wikipedia page already, claiming that the new society boosts 200 citizens and a whopping 0.014 square miles of territory.

An individual with the screenname “anarchomastia” appeared to initially be the main organizer and promoter for the autonomous zone online (though the “society” aims to be decentalized).

It’s quickly turning out that running a microstate isn’t the walk in the park these gender unspecified individuals had imagined it would be.

As a result of the lack of police, some homeless people that the antifa invited into their modern utopia ended up stealing all their food. Due to the lack of police within the “zone,” anarchomastia turned to twitter for help with that.

However, a power vacuum appears to have already opened up. Within a day of establishing their brave new world, allegations of past abuse resurfaced against anarchomastia.

Anarchomastia then had a meltdown on twitter and locked down their account.

So, things are off to a bumpy start, to put it mildly.

It’s looking like communism won’t start working this time around, but we all know that won’t stop them from trying again.


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