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AOC Challenger Picks Up Big-Name Donors

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, the former CNBC journalist who is running as a Democrat to take on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is benefiting handsomely from the wall street connections she’s accrued as a financial journalist.

According to Fox News:

Some of Wall Street’s biggest titans are pumping big bucks into defeating first-term Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by bankrolling the campaign of her business-friendly Democratic primary opponent.

Caruso-Cabrera’s donors include Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman and Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon. Both gave the maximum $2,800 for the Democratic primary against the far-left freshman AOC.

Five other Blackstone employees and three other Goldman Sachs executive also donated to Caruso-Cabrera, according to the Financial Times.

Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone and his wife, Elaine, kicked in a combined $11,200 to Caruso-Cabrera. They gave the maximum each for primary ($2,800) and general election ($2,800) — Caruso-Cabrera can only spend half of that for the primary.

The Post previously reported that pro-President Trump Republicans and corporate types contributed to Caruso-Cabrera’s campaign as well as an anti-AOC super PAC partly financed by her husband, investment banker and GOP donor Stephen Dizard.

Thus far AOC has still out-fundraised MCC – owed in part to the fact that she’s simply had more time to fund-raise. AOC has raised $10.5 million to MCC’s $2 million. AOC has $4.6 million in cash on hand while MCC has $1 million. Despite the disparity in money raised at this point, AOC will inevitably use the fact that MMC’s donors come from the business world as evidence that “the system” is desperate to stop her. In reality, this is a case where they simply prefer the sane candidate.

A poll from June of last year of AOC’s own district found that she only has a 21% favorability rating, and only 11% believe she has their best interest in mind. By contrast, 51% view her unfavorably. Unfortunately this year-old poll appears to be the most recently available one tracking her favorability, so we don’t know how it has changed since then.

For as “incredible” the media portrayed the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her unexpected victory is considerably less impressive when you put it in the context of a 4,136 vote win against a notoriously corrupt opponent in a district of 700,000. She won’t have that same advantage this time around.

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