AOC Informs Us That It’s Not Only Women Who Get Pregnant

AOC Informs Us That It’s Not Only Women Who Get Pregnant

In diversifying her gaffes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to attempt to educate us on biology instead of economics for a change.

AOC found herself recently criticized for comparing America’s treatment of moms as “worse than dogs” because of the current lack of federal paid maternity leave policies. In a bizarre statement she said to a witness from the Heritage Foundation “Do we know how long puppies are allowed to stay with their mothers after a dog has given birth? Eight weeks. So, the market has decided that women and people who give birth deserve less time with their children than a dog.” Deep stuff.

Few brought attention to one particular part of her phrasing: “women and people who give birth.” I suppose she was worried she’d be blasted as “transphobic” by her ideological comrades if she didn’t mention the 0.3% of biological women who give birth without identifying as such?

Amusingly, back in March AOC mindlessly repeated the liberal talking point that “if male politicians could get pregnant, they’d build Planned Parenthood clinics everywhere” – I guess without realizing that it completely undermines the argument that PP is a healthcare provider that just happens to also perform abortions. It also means that AOC believes that women can get pregnant, men cannot, yet there’s still an unspecified class of “people who give birth.”

Who are they? I doubt even God knows.


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