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AOC Roasted For Not Helping Her Poor Grandmother In Puerto Rico

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez noted on Twitter that she had gone to Puerto Rico to visit her sick grandmother, who was living in squalid conditions. She blamed this on Donald Trump.

Quite naturally, a lot of people on Twitter pointed out the obvious.

AOC even went back and forth with Matt Walsh,

First of all, given that Hurricane Maria was in 2017, there’s an important lesson to be learned here about how smart it is to rely on the government to fix your problems. If you are waiting for the government to ride in on a white horse and save you, you may be waiting a long time. Of course, you could also learn an important lesson about how socialists think from all of this. AOC doesn’t see any need to help grandmother with her own money because that’s what YOUR MONEY is for. She needs hers to buy a Tesla. All I can say is take care of your grandma. She won’t be here forever and after she’s gone, you don’t want to be kicking yourself because you could have done more for her.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and on Twitter here.

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