AOC Slams Rand Paul for Accurately Quoting Her

AOC Slams Rand Paul for Accurately Quoting Her

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would like you to know that if you don’t take her agenda on climate change seriously, we’re all screwed in twelve years (or are we down to eleven now?) She would also like you to know that if you ridicule her arbitrary timeline, she was actually just sort-of joking!

Such was the case when Sen. Rand Paul committed the crime of accurately quoting AOC’s ridiculous views. “No AOC, the world will not end in twelve years but we must, absolutely must, do something,” Paul wrote in a tweet.

AOC fired back “Hey Senator! Would you like me to also take your comments out of context and pose them as your earnest position, as you have chosen to do with me?”

She’s arguing semantics of course. AOC believes that we have twelve years to reverse climate change or the world is headed towards oblivion – while Paul characterized her position as saying the world will end in twelve years. Wouldn’t we be living in a post-apocalyptic world in twelve years according to AOC, just like Paul described? Yes, hence why this is so trivial for her to argue over.

Amusingly, this isn’t even the first time she’s tried to ridicule people for accurately quoting her beliefs. She previously claimed that her twelve-year timeline she ripped from a United Nations report was analogous to “dry humor” or “sarcasm.” (I’m no comedian, but can say that UN reports don’t tend to provide good comedic material).

Of course, contradicting AOC… is AOC.

I’m sure that Sen. Paul is apologetic for taking AOC seriously and won’t let that happen again!

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