AOC Still Owes Business Tax Debt From Seven Years Ago

AOC Still Owes Business Tax Debt From Seven Years Ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be making $174,000 per year as a member of the House, but she’s left a now seven-year-old tax debt from a failed business venture unresolved despite her obvious ability to pay it.

According to the New York Post:

AOC had founded Brook Avenue Press, a publishing house that sought designers, artists and writers from urban areas to help paint The Bronx in a positive way in children’s stories, in 2012.

As the Post previously reported, public records show the state dissolved the company in October 2016. The state can make such a move when a business fails to pay corporate taxes or file a return.

The state Tax Department then filed a warrant against her now-defunct business on July 6, 2017, over a $1,618.36 unpaid bill.

As of Friday, the tax warrant had still not been satisfied, and the outstanding balance had grown to $2,088.78, the department said.

A spokesperson for AOC named Lauren Hitt said that she’s still in the process of contesting the warrant. “The business has been closed for several years now, and so we believe that the state Tax Department has continued to collect the franchise tax in error,” Hitt said. 

That seems unlikely to explain the debt. AOC’s tax debt increased by about $470 in the almost three years since the Tax Department filed a warrant against her business. The business has been shuttered for nearly four years.

If AOC’s debt were merely the result of franchise taxes being incorrectly accrued each year, where did the initial $1,618 owed from then? In other words, how did she rack up $1,618 in “unpaid franchise tax” in the ten months between shuttering the business and having the warrant filed against her, but only roughly $156 in tax debt per year since? The most obvious explanation is that AOC simply owed unpaid taxes and that interest accrued on it (i.e. that her spokeswoman is lying).

Hitt added that “As anyone who’s tried to contest a tax bill in error knows, it takes time.”

And it sure does – it certainly doesn’t take seven years. Obviously AOC hasn’t been contesting the tax bill for the past seven years, but the fact that she only recently decided to do so seems to contradict Hill’s narrative that it was only an error. Did it take them years to notice this apparent error – or was AOC hoping to get away with continuing to ignore her unpaid taxes, but the media reported on them, forcing her to acknowledge them?

Who knows – but for the low price of $2,088.78 she can put this all behind her for good. 

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