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Arkansas Legislature Defies Governor and Bans Trans Surgeries for Minors

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T the Arkansas legislature passed HB 1570, which banned hormone treatments and gender reassignment surgeries for anyone under 18 in the state. In an astonishing show of weakness, Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoed the bill.

On the Tucker Carlson Show, Asa Hutchinson defended his unconscionable actions by claiming that trying to stop children from mutilating themselves and permanently changing their bodies with hormone blockers was about “limited government.” Of course, in a world where we prevent kids from doing all sorts of things because of their age, that is a nonsensical argument. Should we allow 5-year-olds to drive a car because we believe in limited government? Do we have to allow 12-year-olds to vote or 9-year-olds to get tattoos because we believe in limited government? That was the laughable argument Hutchinson made and to his credit, Tucker Carlson brutalized him for making it.

Well, the Arkansas legislature was apparently as unimpressed as Tucker Carlson with Hutchinson’s argument and overrode his veto. The vote was 72-25 in the House and 25-8 in the Senate. That makes Arkansas the first state to ban transgender surgeries for minors, and God willing, not the last. It’s expected that there will be legal challenges and there is no way to know exactly how this will play out in the courts, but given that states prohibit children from doing things adults do on a regular basis, Arkansas does at first glance appear to be on firm legal ground.

We live in a world where adult liberals promote transsexuality to mentally ill children and these same liberals are then encouraging these confused children to take hormone-blocking drugs and mutilate themselves surgically in ways that will permanently alter their lives. This is monstrous. This is evil. This is child abuse — and leads to suicide and ruined lives. What Arkansas just did isn’t radical, it’s a return to sanity. Every state should follow its lead.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can follow him on Parler here.

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