Ep. 2194 Another cyberattack? Was this video a warning?
In this episode, I discuss yesterday's Internet outage and the possibility it was a cyberattack. Read More.
Ep. 2193 Are They Preparing For Violence If They Lose The Election?
In this episode, I discuss whether the left is preparing for violence should they lose the 2024 election. Read More.
Ep. 2192 Exposing "Connected to Russia" Scam
In this episode, I uncover the "Connected to Russia" Scam that has Plagued the Trump Presidency and Elections. Read More.
Ep. 2191 The Police State War on Trump is Worse Than We Thought
In this episode, I review why Joe Biden's Police State War on Trump is worse than we thought. Read More.
Ep. 2190 The Interview That Set The Internet On Fire
In this episode, I dissect the interview that just exposed the intel op. being conducted on Americans. Read More.

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