Ep. 1904 Famed Investor Has A Frightening Prediction
In this episode, I address the coming economic storm, and how the “Great Reset” crowd will take advantage. Read More.
Ep. 1901 A Humiliating About Face By The Hack Media
In this episode, I address the shocking turn of events forcing the media hacks to do an about-face. Read More.
Ep. 1900 A Major Election Scandal In Maricopa County
In this episode, I address the shocking scandal emerging in Arizona. I also address the shady Soros-affiliated operators who are leading the charge for censorship on Twitter. Read More.
Ep. 1899 What is Phantom? The FBI Knows
In this episode, I address the controversial spying program the FBI may be using, and the consequences for you. Read More.
Ep. 1898 FBI Corruption Deep-Dive with Julie Kelly
In this episode, I host author Julie Kelly, who explains in terrifying detail the extent of FBI corruption we've been uncovering over the recent years, from Jan. 6th to the Whitmer "kidnapping", Pegasus and more. Read More.

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