Ep. 1976 They’re Coming For Your Guns And Here’s How They’ll Do It
They’re coming for your guns. And they’re not hiding how they plan on doing it. In this episode, I address the shocking video evidence of their plan. Read More.
Ep. 1975 Libs Lose It As The Trump Persecution Case Collapses
Chaos ensues among deranged liberals as the case against Trump implodes. In this episode, I address the explosive new details. Read More.
Ep. 1974 Is Trump In Danger?
We are at a dangerous point in our history where both our lifestyles, and our faith in institutions are collapsing. In this episode, I address the pending Trump indictment, and the economic meltdown and how they threaten to unravel our Republic. Read More.
Ep. 1973 The Trump DeSantis Fight Gets Hot
The political investigation into Trump explodes as they contemplate how to arrest and process the former president. In this episode, I address the breaking details. Read More.
Ep. 1972 Will Secret Service Respond To A Trump Arrest?
The police state is here. In this episode, I address the police state’s latest threat to arrest and indict Donald Trump on ridiculous, Soviet-style charges. I also address how the Secret Service could respond. Read More.
Ep. 1971 The Raccoon Dogs Did It!
I’m calling BS! In this episode, I address the new report which challenges the lab leak hypothesis. Read More.
Ep. 1970 This Is The Dark Future Libs Want For Your Kids
Justice is dying. In this episode, I address the disturbing liberal plan to use the justice system to target their political enemies. Also, I discuss a troubling video from a medical school which portends a dystopian future for medicine. Read More.