Ep. 2267 Operation DUMP Joe Biden Has Begun
In this episode, I expose the ongoing behind-the-scenes operation to dump Biden, plus the Hunter trial, shocking new election polls and more. Read More.
Ep. 2266 Who is going to be the VP?
The finalists in the race for Donald Trump's VP have been released. In this episode, I present the pros and cons to each person on the list. Read More.
Ep. 2265 Irrefutable Proof That The Deep State Stole The 2020 Election
Proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In this episode, I dive into the explosive new findings about Hunter's laptop and the massive cover-up operation that stole the 2020 election. Read More.
Ep. 2264 Biden’s Brain is GONE
The Trump Trial continues to embarrass any and all of its apologists while Biden continues to deteriorate in front of us. In this episode, I cover all angles of the sad story of Biden and the ongoing fallout of the sham Trump Trial. Read More.

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