Ep. 2012 It Was A Coup Attempt
In this episode, I address the explosive new details of the Durham report. It exposes what was clearly a coup attempt. Read More.
Ep. 2011 Soros, Self Defense, and the Power of Fear
In this episode, I address the real reason Soros and the libs want fear and chaos in the streets. Read More.
Ep. 2010 What Is Going On At Twitter?
Chaos at Twitter? In this episode, I address the stunning news about a leadership change at Twitter. Read More.
Ep. 2009 Trump Destroys CNN
Trump absolutely body-bagged CNN last night. The primary appears to be over. In this episode, I address the CNN townhall last night along with the fallout. Read More.
VP Harris Says Biden Admin Values Equity Over Equality
They want equal outcomes, not equal opportunity Read More.
Ep. 2008 The Media Revolution Is Happening
Yesterday was a huge day in the new media revolution. In this episode, I address how the Tucker versus Fox feud will change the media landscape forever. Read More.

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