Ep. 2261 Now It’s Bad Enough. Revenge.
In this episode, I address the stunning verdict of Trump's sham trial and react to his live press conference. Read More.
Ep. 2260 President Trump Slams Sham Trial: Exclusive Interview
In this episode, President Donald J. Trump joins the show live from New York to speak his piece about the sham trial taking place against him in New York City. Read More.
Ep. 2259 Tyrant Biden is Trying to Intimidate the Jury
Joe Biden is desperately trying to put Donald Trump in jail. In this episode, I discuss the Trump trial and the Biden team's new plan and the "climate crisis" that the left won't let go of. Read More.
Ep. 2258 Is Soros Losing His Grip?
The tables are turning. In this episode, I discuss the downfall of Soros-backed officials across the country, Biden's worsening situation, an updated election outlook and more. Read More.
Ep. 2257 The King of New York?
Trump's Rally in the South Bronx was PACKED. In this episode I discuss Trump's rally, a shocking revelation with Hunter Biden and Ukraine, more Joe Biden bloopers, and a James Comey's "best" compilation. Read More.