As Twitter Users Bail, Media Predictably Starts Attacking Parler

As Twitter Users Bail, Media Predictably Starts Attacking Parler

Conservatives and free speech supporters are increasingly becoming sick of the tech tyranny coming from companies such as Twitter, which keep censoring and suspending people’s accounts when they don’t tow the Leftist line. As such, the popularity of Parler, a new alternative which welcomes all viewpoints, has been skyrocketing in the last few weeks.

The newest big-name addition came in the last few hours, as Senator Ted Cruz announced he’d be moving over to Parler, advocating ending Silicon Valley censorship and promoting free speech.


Of course, the Leftist media hates this. So, like everything they cover that’s not on the Left, the media has been attacking Parler.

RedState reports that Yahoo writer David Knowles said that conservatives are angry at “what they see as political bias” on the other big social media websites, and that’s why they went over to Parler.

Knowles then went on to smear Parler as a haven for conspiracy theorists and other weird elements, saying that “The list of trending hashtags at Parler on Monday morning made it clear that the site isn’t exactly a wellspring of variety when it comes to political opinion: #MAGA, #KAG and #TRUMP2020 took their place beside #Q, #QANON and #WWG1WGA (an abbreviation for the QAnon motto “Where We Go One We Go All”). As advertised, Parler does not restrict or ban users for posts, no matter how offensive or absurd, such as one claiming that former first lady Michelle Obama is actually a transvestite. Other threads mock Black Lives Matter protesters and decry the movement to remove Confederate monuments.”

This is obviously untrue, as is normal for how mainstream media covers anything conservative. And the list of mainstream conservatives on Parler is endless (with the latest being Cruz, as stated above). The list includes Dan Bongino, Devin Nunes, Rand Paul, Sean Davis, Eric Trump, and many more.

If you’re getting negative attention from the Leftist media, you’re doing a good job. Make the move to Parler today.

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