Yesterday Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the American Legion National Convention and mentioned the lawsuit against the New Hampshire VA hospital brought by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Pence told the crowd:

You might’ve heard…there’s a lawsuit to remove a Bible that was carried in World War II from a missing Man Table at a VA hospital in New Hampshire…It’s really no surprise because, under the last administration, VA hospitals were removing Bibles and even banning Christmas carols in an effort to be politically correct.

Pence’s son is a Marine and his father was a Bronze Star recipient from the Korean War. He continued to the large crowd that the Department of Veterans Affairs under President Trum is not a “religion-free” zone and declared “my message to the New Hampshire VA hospital is the Bible stays!”

Press Secretary for The Department of Veteran Affairs, Curt Cashour, told Fox News in May that the VA would not back down over the lawsuit.