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Australian Anchors Mock American Media For “Gushing” Over “Beloved” Biden’s G7 Trip

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Sky News Australia aired a segment brutally mocking the American media in general and CNN in particular for “gushing” over Joe Biden’s G-7 visit. During the “Kenny on Media” segment, the authors mocked American media outlets for being little more than cheerleaders for Joe Biden, while noting that those same outlets were unfair to Trump.

It was refreshing to see real news people, not like the ones we have in America, looking at our news outlets and seeing the same things that conservatives see on a regular basis. The best comment was from Sophie Ellsworth, who said:

“I just think Joe Biden is a lucky person. He has…most of the media on his side, particularly CNN, completely at odds with what they did to Trump. So, his popularity surely can only win from this because he is getting so much positive PR through the journalists who are massive fans of him. It’s really quite appalling to watch. What happened to straight news reporting, which doesn’t seem to be existent there.”

The sad reality is that we don’t have a mainstream media in this country, we just have propaganda outfits who see their job as to advance the liberal agenda. They have liberal policies they want to promote, Democratic politicians they want to help and narratives they want to advance. This is what guides everything they do and if it means they have to slant stories, bury stories, or out-and-out lie, they are fine with that. It’s a broken system, everyone knows it and it is poisoning the American people’s trust in what they hear on the news.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and on Twitter here.

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