Australian Golf Legend Greg Norman Backs Donald Trump: “He’s Done a Phenomenal Job.”

Australian Golf Legend Greg Norman Backs Donald Trump: “He’s Done a Phenomenal Job.”

Australian born, Florida based golfing Hall-of-Famer Greg Norman is backing Donald Trump in this election. The golfing legend noted that he admired the President in an interview with the Australian.

“I admire how thick his skin is. I can only relate this in a way to my world to some degree and how the tall poppy syndrome in Australia can just really gnaw at you and take you down pretty hard, even though you’ve done nothing wrong. I actually admire Donald Trump for staying his course, getting the abuse whether it’s from the investigations into Russia and all that stuff, yada, yada, yada, the same old rhetoric.”

Norman also said that he didn’t trust the media and thought they have done an extremely poor job of covering Trump’s presidency.

“I would really love to see a fairer, balanced (media), and get all this vitriol through the media out of here. I’m blaming them all, I am not biased to one or the other — it’s never ever been this way. Now Trump, of course, he says things … but that’s his style, love it or hate it. When Trump came to the ticket, a certain portion of the American people were given a rudder they had never had before and that rudder gave them hope and an economic upturn and security. And now the American people are so divided — no matter whether you turn on Fox or CNN. I don’t know who to believe anymore — it is absolutely a crying shame.”

Additionally, Norman pointed out that unlike a lot of Presidents, Trump has fulfilled his promises,

“From my business perspective, he’s done a phenomenal job. He has ­pretty much stuck to all his promises he made when he was elected. Very few people who are elected as president follow through on their promises.”

Finally, “The Shark” added that he thought the election was going to be closer than what people think and that Trump had a “good chance” of winning.

“I think the election is going to be closer than what people think — I am looking at the undecided voters. I just think there is a little bit more happening behind the scenes, and I definitely don’t believe polls. I think Trump has a good chance of winning, I think there is very quiet support behind him that really hasn’t spoken yet.”

Cross your fingers and let’s hope he’s right.

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