Australian Gun Control is Impossible to Implement in America

Authored by: Matt Palumbo

In my prior two articles on Australian gun control, I tackled the myths that Australia was able to end mass shootings with sweeping gun control, and saw massive declines in gun violence and suicides following gun control. I’d encourage readers to read both those columns (hyperlinked to accordingly) first.

With this, I want the reader to entertain a thought experiment; let’s suppose Australia’s gun control did work exactly as liberals describe it. The country is mass-shooting free, gun violence is down across the board, and all they had to do was round up all the semi-automatic rifles and shotguns to do it!

Sound simple? Because it isn’t. Let’s just review some logistical differences in implementing gun control in America that Australians never had to worry about.

America Has a Whole Lot of Guns

Australia confiscated 650,000 weapons, or between 15-20% of all firearms in circulation in Australia, in 1996. In America, a country with as many guns as people, this would require the government to confiscate 50-65 million firearms.

Remember when your liberal friend told you that it’s impossible to deport our nation’s 11-15 million illegal immigrants? If that’s impossible, then how in the world would rounding up 50-65 million firearms be possible?

And that brings me to another point…

Australia is an Island

Unlike the United States, Australia doesn’t have a 2,000-mile unsecured border with a neighboring nation. The U.S.-Mexico border has been crossed illegally tens (if not hundreds) of millions of times. If we can’t keep people, and $60+ billion in drugs every year from crossing the border, why would guns be the exception?

And Then There’s the Ultimate Border Around Gun Rights – the Second Amendment 

Any gun grabber bent on implementing any kind of mandatory gun buyback (aka confiscation) in America would immediately be challenged in the courts on Second Amendment grounds.

Nearly 12,000 amendments have been proposed to the U.S. constitution, and yet we have only 27.

Do you think there’s a chance in hell an amendment repealing the second amendment would be 28th? The obvious answer is “no” – and that’s just the first logistical challenge a gun grabber would need to thwart,  before coming up with a plan to round up 50+ million guns.

Attitudes in Australia have never been even close to as pro-gun as they are in America, so there was little resistance to their government’s mandatory buyback. It goes without saying that probably wouldn’t be the same if attempted in America.

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