Biden Admits his VP Must be Able to be President Because he’s an “Old Guy”

Biden Admits his VP Must be Able to be President Because he’s an “Old Guy”

Well, at least he’s being honest.

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden admitted that his vice presidential running mate must be able to handle becoming President because he is “an old guy.”

On the campaign trail in Iowa, Biden said yesterday, “I can think of at least eight women, at least four or five people of color, that I think are totally qualified to be vice president of the United States,” Biden said.

“But for me, it has to be demonstrated that whoever I pick is two things: One, he’s capable of immediately being a president because I’m an old guy,” he said, prompting laughter from the audience.

Biden went on to claim he was obviously in excellent health and told attendees that he works out every day.

“No, I’m serious. Look, thank God I’m in great health, I work out, no I’m serious, you know I work out every morning. I’m in good shape,” he said.

Biden also said yesterday he would consider former First Lady Michelle Obama as his running mate.

“I sure would like Michelle [Obama] to be the Vice President,” he said after he was asked if he’d nominate former President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.

“Yeah, I would, but I don’t think he’d do it. He’d be a great Supreme Court Justice,” he said.

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