Biden Apparently Tells Reporters He Doesn’t Know Where He is

Biden Apparently Tells Reporters He Doesn’t Know Where He is

Before a speech on Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden told reporters that he did not know where he was.

Biden said, “[G]ood afternoon everyone. Welcome to Kingswood Community Center,” before stopping for a few seconds. Then, Biden continued, “[A]ctually, that’s the one down where I used to work. That’s a joke. I didn’t know where we were.”

Biden then referred to notes correctly identifying the location as the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center, saying that the late Anderson was a friend of his, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

While it’s obvious why reclusive Biden remains in his basement most of the time and rarely makes public appearances, it is pitiful to watch an old man with clear cognitive decline used like this by the Democrat party. Biden is a pawn in am attempt to oust President Trump in November. Clearly, Biden is at a point when he should be enjoying his family and his life, rather than dealing with the intense rigors of a presidential campaign.

It is utterly shameful that the Left cares only about control and power, and they will do whatever it takes to gain it, even if they have to flagrantly mortify their own presidential nominee.

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