Biden Attempts to Speak Coherent Sentence With Mixed Results

Biden Attempts to Speak Coherent Sentence With Mixed Results

Just days after receiving his last-minute endorsement from former President Barack Obama, Joe Biden received an endorsement from former 2000 presidential election silver medalist Al Gore.

The endorsement came during an interview Tuesday (which was Earth Day), and during that interview, Biden attempted to ask a question about climate change to an increasingly visibly confused Gore.

As the Daily Caller reported:

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made another gaffe Wednesday when he asked his fellow former Vice President Al Gore if there was still time for the U.S. to “aggress the climate change.”

“We don’t organize the world. Who organizes it?” Biden said during a virtual climate change town Tuesday.

“Anyway, look, one more question here,” Biden continued. “Is it too late to aggress the climate change in a meaningful way?”

Gore appeared to raise his eyebrows as Biden butchered the question.

Watch for yourself below:

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