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Biden Campaign Retreats Back Into the Basement

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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After briefly seeing daylight, the Biden Campaign has headed back into the basement once again.

President Donald Trump has been holding rallies day after day that go on for hours, but Biden continues calling a lid before he’s even had the chance to be awake for more than a few hours.

This morning the Associated Press’ White House reported Zeke Miller announced at 9:26am that Biden has called a lid for the day.

And that’s becoming the norm.

Writer Alec Sears has been keeping a running tally on how often a full lid has been called before noon this month, and that’s on track to happen roughly once every three days this month, on average.

The National Review’s Charles Cooke noticed that even when Biden does not put a lid on his day by noon, “the events that Biden attends seem to have been designed to be either easily cancelable or easily replaceable. Were President Trump to cancel a rally, he would be unable to hide it. This is not true of the events on Biden’s schedule, which, the New York Times‘s Mark Leibovich observes, are ‘quiet, eerie and almost entirely fan-free.'”

The most reasonable explanation for this is that the Biden campaign simply believes that the American public seeing less of their candidate is better for his chances of defeating President Trump.

But if Biden can’t be bothered to work every day on his campaign, how can anyone has faith in his work ethic as President?

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