Biden Claims He ‘Became a Professor’ After Leaving the Senate

Biden Claims He ‘Became a Professor’ After Leaving the Senate

Well, that didn’t take long. After days out of the public eye, Joe Biden is back at doing what he does best – making gaffes.

In a virtual campaign event, Biden claimed he became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania after he left the US Senate.

While taking questions from young people and discussing student debt, Biden spoke about his time spent on campus.

“When I left the United States Senate, I became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. And I’ve spent a lot of time — and the University of Delaware has the Biden School as well, so I’ve spent a lot of time on campus with college students.”

However, Biden became Vice President under Barack Obama in 2009, and upon his leaving the White House in 2017, the University of Pennsylvania gave him the “Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor.” The title was effectively only an honorary one.

According to the Daily Caller, which cites Biden’s own spokesperson, Biden never actually taught or was planning to teach a class. As the Daily Caller notes: “One student at the time wrote that UPenn was paying Biden ‘to essentially do nothing but sporadically show his face on campus.’ The student was not far from the truth. Biden appeared on the UPenn campus four times to make speeches in 2017 and made another four speeches in 2018. Penn paid him $776,527 for his trouble, nearly double the average salary for everyday professors, according to PhillyMag.”

This is the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee. Great job, Leftists.

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