Biden Claims He Constantly Takes Cognitive Tests – His Campaign Won’t Provide Evidence

Biden Claims He Constantly Takes Cognitive Tests – His Campaign Won’t Provide Evidence

According to Joe Biden at his first press conference in three months, he “can hardly wait” to compare his “cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”

Indeed, perhaps Biden will showcase his cognitive abilities on the debate stage by accurately remembering how many grandchildren he has, correctly reciting the Declaration of Independence, or by articulating why black Trump supporters aren’t truly black. Jokes aside, you have to appreciate the confidence displayed by the human gaffe machine.

While Biden also said that he has “constantly” taken cognitive tests, his campaign hasn’t shared Biden-level enthusiasm when it comes to releasing them. Or confirming that they exist at all.

According to Breitbart:

Biden did not specify during the press conference exactly what he meant by his claims he has been and is “constantly tested.” His campaign has not replied to a number of follow-up requests from Breitbart News as to whether he means he took the same test that President Donald Trump aced, or if he took a different test, or if he was just speaking colloquially, claiming that his daily rigor is what tests his cognitive capabilities. Also, Biden was possibly confused by the question, in which he was asked if he has been formally tested on this front.

If Biden did actually take a formal cognitive function test, it is unclear if he will release the results of that test–as President Trump has with his own such test–to the public, as Biden’s campaign has not answered when asked if he would.

Biden did release a medical assessment conducted by his physician last year in December concluding he was “healthy” and “vigorous” as well as “fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

The three-page assessment, conducted by Dr. Kevin O’Connor of the GW Medical Faculty Associates, does not include any mention of a cognitive test that Biden may or may not have taken at the time. It also makes no judgment or recommendation when it comes to Biden’s cognitive abilities, only speaking to his physical health.

So either he doesn’t take cognitive tests, he does and the results aren’t something the campaign wants public, or they plan on releasing them eventually.

Or maybe Biden is just misremembering and his claim of taking many cognitive tests is just the latest evidence of his cognitive decline.


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