Biden Claims Pandemic Has “Helped His Campaign”

Biden Claims Pandemic Has “Helped His Campaign”

In an interview last week, presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed that the coronavirus pandemic has helped his campaign. He sure seemed serious, but perhaps we can excuse this as simply his latest gaffe, because there’s no way anyone could reasonably come to that conclusion.

As reported by TheBlaze, Biden spoke to Jim Gardner, anchor of WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, about the Chinese pandemic and President Trump.

Gardner asked:

“Mr. Vice President, obviously this crisis has upended this campaign. It has made it difficult for you to be heard the way you ordinarily would be under normal circumstances. And obviously President Trump has a daily forum that is watched by millions of Americans. To what degree has this pandemic hurt Joe Biden politically?”

Biden responded:

“Based on the polling data it’s helped me. The more he speaks, the more my numbers go up. I’m not being facetious.”

Aside from this being untrue, and that Trump’s approval is only growing while Biden’s is falling, as we’ve reported here, here and here, as well as have other polling outlets, using the Chinese virus for political gain is a despicable strategy. But never expect more from the Left.



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