Biden Gaffes Again: Forgets Word for “Coronavirus”

Biden Gaffes Again: Forgets Word for “Coronavirus”

It’s impossible to deny that Joe Biden is a human gaffe machine. Since he started his presidential campaign last year, a few examples include referring to Super Tuesday as “Super Thursday,” losing himself in the middle of the Declaration of Independence (“you know the thing”), and claiming “we choose truth over facts.” And there are about a hundred other examples I could’ve chose from.

Yesterday, unfortunately for Biden, was no different, as he forgot the name of the virus that’s captured the attention of the entire world for the last three months. During an interview with Yahoo News, Biden seemed to forget the name of the coronavirus.

Biden said, “Thousands of meatpacker— workers got sick, got cona— uh, uh, got the virus and some died.”

As sad as that is, it wasn’t all. Biden later misspoke when he stated the amount of money he doled out as VP during Barack Obama’s Recovery Act, only off though by $720 billion.

“I had the job of getting out $84 billion in 18 months in the Recovery Act,” Biden said. It was actually $800 billion, so he was only off by a factor of ten.

And Biden also forgot what the current century is, by saying “The idea that you go through the 20th Century without— with just 12 years of education, er, the 21st Century.”

And people wonder why the Democrats are nervous.


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