Biden Implements COVID Travel Ban After Blasting “Xenophobia” When Trump Did the Same

Biden Implements COVID Travel Ban After Blasting “Xenophobia” When Trump Did the Same
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In just the latest piece of evidence that nearly everything in politics is theater, especially when it comes to the left, Joe Biden announced last week that he would be banning travel from eight southern African countries in response to the news about the Nu Xi Omicron COVID variant.

So urgent was the need for this travel ban amid the new variant that it didn’t even take effect until today, as apparently COVID takes the weekend off?

Biden now-infamously claimed that he would “shut down” the virus, and has since seen more COVID deaths under his watch than Trump did.

Back in 2020, speaking of the then-recent travel ban on China, Biden blasted Trump’s “record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering.” Fortunately for him, travel bans likely stopped being racist on January 20th, 2021.

Watch below:

As a side note, the room temperature IQ “fact checkers” over at PolitiFact say it’s “mostly false” that Biden called Trump’s travel ban “xenophobic” because Biden said Trump’s record was of xenophobia, not the specific action of implementing a travel ban. Of course, anyone with a brain knows exactly what Biden means. Biden is calling Trump xenophobic in reaction to a specific policy action – what else could be possibly be implying? Does this “fact checker” think that Biden is just randomly accusing Trump of xenophobia with no connection to his criticism of the travel ban?

Anyway, Biden also blasted Trump’s travel bans from Europe and African countries with similar rhetoric, with VP Harris calling the latter “driven by hate.”

Additionally, the administration (among countless other liberals pundits and politicians) were firmly against the “Trump vaccine,” expressing doubt that they themselves would ever take it.

The Biden administration has since aggressively implemented vaccine mandates for the federal government and private sector, and encouraged private firms to continue enforcement despite  court challenges.

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