Biden is No Moderate

Biden is No Moderate

While most of our eyes are on the Wuhan virus, it is worth noting that there is still a presidential race going on. And the presumptive Democrat nominee, supposed “moderate” Joe Biden, is moderate in name only.

In order to unite the Democrat establishment (of which Biden is a part) and the socialist/communist revolutionaries (Bernie Sanders, AOC, Ilhan Omar, etc.), Biden has to shift his public platform and proposed presidential policies to the Left. And we’re seeing it now, via Biden’s shifting position on climate, due to a key endorsement from the Leftist environmental group, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV).

As reported by Townhall, the group works “exclusively on issues related to climate change and energy.” Of course, they used Earth Day to endorse Biden.

Biden, having not been an enthusiastic supporter of the AOC Green New Deal, unlike rivals Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, may have turned off younger, more Left-wing voters, leading to possibly depressed turnout in November.

Townhall reports that Biden has now inevitably moved to the Left since basically securing the Democrat nomination:

“I have asked my campaign to commence a process to meaningfully engage with more voices from the climate movement — including environmental justice leaders and worker organizations, and collaborate on additional policies in areas ranging from environmental justice to new, concrete goals we can achieve within a decade, to more investments in a clean energy economy,” Biden said in response to LCV’s endorsement, per The Hill.

Biden is clearly no moderate. The far-Left radicals of the party outwardly despise fossil fuels and fracking, which will inevitably hurt his numbers in crucial states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the “blue wall” that Donald Trump won for the GOP in 2016. These states are home to energy and coal jobs, and these blue-collar workers will not take well to these radical positions which would put them out of business.

Oh well. Maybe Biden’s thinking they’ll just “learn to code.”

Good luck, Democrats.

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