Biden Is Struggling to Rally Enthusiasm From Young Black Voters, Report Says

Biden Is Struggling to Rally Enthusiasm From Young Black Voters, Report Says

USA Today reported on Thursday that young black voters said they are not excited to vote for Joe Biden.

The report also said that older black voters were much more likely to vote for Biden than younger black voters.

According to the Daily Caller:

An analysis conducted by the Democracy Fund and UCLA Nationscape project found that 91% of black voters ages 65 and up said they were going to vote for Biden, while just 68% of black voters between ages 18 and 29 said the same.

While the poll clearly shows that the group favors Biden over President Trump, young black voters don’t seem excited at all, seemingly because he isn’t radically Left enough and gaffes often. The Daily Caller reports that Chryl Laird, assistant professor of government at Bowdoin College, said that “young black voters likely want to see someone in office who is more progressive. They ‘are going to have some reservations about Joe Biden,’ who is a ‘very clear image of a status quo politician within the Democratic party.’ They really don’t see him as the direction that takes the party in a more progressive lean.”

Laird added that younger black voters still will vote Biden but “won’t be happy about it,” while older voters “tend to be more practical because they’ve seen change take more time.”

This can be a very promising sign for President Trump, as polling has shown that enthusiasm for voting for Trump is much higher than for Biden.

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