Biden Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine for All Federal Employees

Biden Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine for All Federal Employees
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

As Joe Biden attempts to make good on his failed promise to crush COVID-19 and divert attention away from Afghanistan, he’s just mandated vaccines for the one workforce he can.

Biden just signed an executive order requiring COVID-19 vaccines for all federal employees, with no option for people to take weekly tests instead. The order also applies to all workers contracting with the federal government. It’s unclear if there will be any religious exemptions.

This represents the latest not-at-all shocking case of Biden lying. Back in December 2020 Biden said that he wouldn’t make vaccines mandatory for anyone as President.

If their record on Afghanistan is any indication, it’s unlikely that the Biden administration thought through the ramifications of this. Are they prepared to fire a sizeable percent of the federal workforce if they don’t comply? While vaccine side effects are rare, that some will suffer them is a virtual certainly when you’re working with a sample size of millions of federal employees and contractors – how does legal liability for that work? Have they prepared for the inevitable tsunami of lawsuits from fired employees?



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